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Bubble Spinner
The Fancy Pants ...
Sim Taxi

Gang Blast

You can shoot from one side of the screen to the other. Try to kill all the gangs with the less amount of shots as possible. Use explosive boxes to help you in your mission. Game Name: Gang Blast
Flood Runner 4

Press up arrow to jump and double jump. Keep an eye on your health bar. You have a glide bar. When it goes green you can glide. Unlock skills on your way. Control your speedometer. Game Name: Flood Runner 4
Cargo Bridge II

Drag to navigate or use arrows on the keyboard. Build bridge across the valley. Click + to change tool. Press Play button to test your construction. Click on left or right side on workers to make them walk and on them to stop their walk. Your goal is to transport cargo. Use triangles to build strong bridges. Game Name: Cargo Bridge II
Flood Runner Armageddon

Left mouse click or press up arrow to jump, double jump, glide and wallrun. Hold down either keys for combos when prompted. Keep an eye on your health bar. You have a glide bar. When it goes green you can glide. Control your speedometer. Game Name: Flood Runner Armageddon
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool

Click and drag to aim. Click arrows for fine adjustments. Click in red circle or press space to strike cue ball. You can adjust the power before taking your shot. Using more power will make your aiming lines longer. Softer shots can help you to position the cue ball more precisely and avoid scratches (potting the cue ball). Game Name: Billiard Blitz Pool Skool
Sugar Sugar 2

Draw with your mouse to get enough sugar in the cup. White sugar in the white cup. Red sugar in the red cup. to colour sugar send it through the filter. There is a hole in the ground. Use to reach higher cups. If you get stuck press Reset. Game Name: Sugar Sugar 2
Flooded Village

Click to dig a river and water the seeds. Ayuda a los piratas a navegar. Si haces menos movimientos ganarás puntaje extra. Do not drown villagers. Click a hole to fill it with sand. To increase your score chain together a flood. Game Name: Flooded Village
Click Play Quick Fire 2

Point, click, drag or anything else you can think of, to solve the puzzle and find the play button. You will receive 100 points in each level plus any bonus points earned if yous sole it quickly. Game Name: Click Play Quick Fire 2
Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3

Use mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen, solve the puzzles, shoot stuff and perform more actions. Make monkeys go happy. Game Name: Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3
Hanna Choppa 2

Fly the helicopter to the fly. Use arrows to move. Walls are not fatal unless you are going really fast. Land at the fly. Unlock gates with the buttons. Press space for item manipulator. Pull big stuff with it. Rotate with Z and X. Game Name: Hanna Choppa 2

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