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Loony Box
Monkey Go Happy ...
Feed Fredy

3D Blue Print

Find a correct viewpoint to see the blue print. Move your mouse to rotate the picture. Try to order the image to advance to next level. Try to solve the 65 levels to win the game: 3D Blue Print
Fat Warrior 2

Use the arrows to move and X to attack. If you want to taste your mother´s savory soup again, get your father the king out from the jail. Then you´ll have to recover the magical forks, scattered to the corners of the kingdom. You must also recover the supreme silverware, which Skinny has hidden in the castle. Game Name: Fat Warrior 2
Micro Sports

Read the brief instructions and complete each mini-task before the time runs out. This game mostly uses the mouse, but sometimes you will be asked to use the arrow keys, so stay on your toes. For every level failed or uncompleted you will incur a 30 second penalty. You will receive a -10 second bonus for every life remaining at the end of the game. Game Name: Micro Sports
Rich Mine 2

Cut the ropes to make the jewel reach Mr. Gnome´s open bag. Collect the coins by touching them with the jewel. Press “Restart” or use space key to replay a level. Beware of enemies. They destroy the jewel and make Mr. Gnome sad. The arrows change a movement direction. Game Name: Rich Mine 2

Use arrows to move. Open the gates. Press on the yellow buttons to open the doors. Avoid spikes and other hazards. Hold the A key to focus. Use energy to jump higher and more. Game Name: Focus

Help the kahoots to get the door to the next level. Click and drag to swap blocks. Collect K for a bonus. Try to get the exit door. Use up arrow block to jump. Avoid bad blocks. Game Name: Kahoots
Extreme Air Jockey Challenge

Play in this realistic air hockey emulator. Select your country and then your opponent. Hit the ball with all your strength and try to enter it on the opponent scoreboard. You can not touch it once it passes the middle of the playing area. Anticipate your opponent´s moves and try to block them. Game Name: Extreme Air Jockey Challenge
Mooo Twooo! Genetically Enhanced

Click on yellow haystacks to remove them. Get the cow to the bottle of mutatium. In second level remove the haystack and click the cow to inject it with mutatium. This will turn the cow into a flying pig. In third level a second injection of mutatium turn your pig into a sheep. Sheep cling onto things. Inject the sheep again to turn it back to a cow. Game Name: Mooo Twooo! Genetically Enhanced

Complete all the puzzles and skill games in each level: Get the ball in the basket. Then tip the ninjas over. Find the password and enter it below. In each level you will face a new challenge. Game Name: Binga Binga Broke Your Finga
Vehicles. Municipality Unleashed. 2

Click on the vehicle to make it move. Click on it again to stop. Ram the bad vehicles off the screen. Parking on the crosswalk is prohibited. Ram him. Every municipal vehicle has a unique ability. To activate it press “power” button. Then click on the vehicle. Red and white blocks can be removed. Game Name: Vehicles. Municipality Unleashed. 2

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