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Playing with Fire 2

You have lost your mates, you are on your own. The local neighbourhood gang are hunting you down. Blast your way to them before they kill you. Blow up your opponents within 2 minutes. All players have 3 lives. Use arrows to move player 1 and space bar to drop bomb and WASD to move player 2. Double click the drop bomb button to throw bombs. Collect power ups. Game Name: Playing with Fire 2
Recover your Hearth

For the game use the mouse. In one scene use the arrow keys. The main character has the ability to release the soul from the body. Just click on the hero. Game Name: Recover your Hearth
Clockwork Maze

It was just another sunny day but the earth suddenly quaked and broke apart. Use the mouse to rotate the gear to get the ball to the exit. Light the green buttons up to open the exit. Buttons can be pressed with any object, not only balls. Game Name: Clockwork Maze
Bubble Struggle 3

Help the Destroyer of bubbles to destroy all them in this landscape of pharaonic Egypt making them explode. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to fire. When the ray touchs the bubbles it divides them. When the bubbles are very small they disappear. Try to make them disappear before time runs out. Avoid bubbles touch you. Collect the bonuses. Game Name: Bubble Struggle 3

The aim of this game is to destroy all the evil snowmen and avoid bunnies getting hurt. For that you will have to cut blocks of ice and wood with your mouse to make them fall over the snowmen and destroy them. Game Name: Zayki
All That Matters

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Try to collect all three hearts in each level. Press up longer to jump higher. Billy can double jump. The baby canīt jump. He can crawl with lightning speed (hold W or up key to sprint). Press 1-5 to switch between family members. Game Name: All That Matters
Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

Use arrows to move Fireboy and AWD to move Watergirl. Never Mix fire and water. Green mud kills them both. Lever remains as you left them. Pushers however must be held. Donīt forget to grab some diamonds. You can interact with objects. Open doors by standing in front of them. Click S or down arrow when jump down to increase the height of the jump. Game Name: Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple III
3 Slices!

Use the mouse to slice 3 times. Remove as much red as possible. Get the target to advance to next level. White shapes donīt effect your total. Try to complete all the levels to win the game. Game Name: 3 Slices!
Intelligence Competition

Challenge Your Memory. Memorize the position where color of 19 crystals change. Memorize the position where color of crystal change upside, then click the relevant position. You need to click different times to get different crystal. On green tiles click once, on orange click twice, on red click three times. Try to add lives, tip prop and award scores. Game Name: Intelligence Competition
Flaming Zombooka 3. Carnival

Welcome to the carnival. Itīs a pity there are zombies. Or is it? Aim at shoot at zombies to kill them all and pass to the next level. Use mouse to shoot your weapon. Finish the zombies energy bar to eliminate them. Game Name: Flaming Zombooka 3. Carnival

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