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Color Theory

Use arrows to walk and jump. This game is based on additive color theory. An additive color model involves light emitted directly from an illuminant source. The primary colors in additive color theory are red, green and blue. The secondary colors are yellow, cyan and magenta.
World Dice War

Choose a map from those that the computer creates and choose how many opponents will play against you. You can choose between 1 and 8 enemies. Once the map is created each participant will choose wich territory want to attack. When your turn begins click your area and the neighboor to attack.
Smurf dress up

The Smurfs are organizing a party and it should be the most epic one till today. You should dress this Smurf to be the best looking one so he will be admired by Smurfette and maybe she will fall in love with him. He really likes her so you need to make sure he makes a good impression on her so she will notice his dandy good looks. Use the mouse to choose from each category what do you like.
Mushroom Madness 2

Defend mushroom glades from hungry animals. Use left button to attack. Hold left button to hit stronger. Collect coins, they can be used to buy and upgrade weapons. You can use a great arsenal against the thieves. Open crates to obtain useful items. Watch out for the bears and other animals.
Rally Stage

Burn rubber on wild, rugged rally courses.
Killroy 2

Shoot your enemies and avoid them. You can find them watching the radar. Use WASD or arrows to forward, strafe left and right and back, shift to run, space bar to jump, and mouse to aim and shoot.
Bridge Tactics

Press in a place in the bridge to put the dynamite. When you finish press ready to let the enemies advance and the press over the dynamite to make the enemies and the bridge explode. Try to kill al the enemies and destroy the entire bridge.
Soccer Skill

Help Diego Maradona to keep the ball in the air the more time as possible. Being Diego the one that does it, it can´t be difficult. The objective is to keep the ball in the air all the time as possible before it falls to the floor. Press with the mouse on the ball when it is falling to raise it again.
Sliding Cubes

Slide the cubes in the right place so that all marked spots are filled. Can you solve this block puzzle? Use the mouse to play this game.

At the first part of your turn click on the countries you want to deploy your armies. Then click on a territory you own and then on one of its neighbors to attack it. To confirm review your orders and click Commit to finish. You can select how much armies you want to use in each attack and use the other to attack another country. Game Name: Warlight

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