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Old Woman Marry Prince

This cute old lady wants to marry a handsome young prince. She must find all the magic potions to get her youth back. If she drinks all the potions then she will convert into a young beautiful princess. Solve this puzzle flash game by changing the positions of the wooden planks.Use mouse only to play this game.
Must Escape the Temple

A nice trip in the jungle seemed like a good idea, until you got caught by local people! You tried to be friendly with them, but the chieftain locked you inside their holy temple. Look around for objects and clues that may help you, and figure out how to escape the temple!
Ninja Frog

Frogs and ninjas are the best jumpers on earth -- the Ninja Frog is unstoppable! Use your wit in this innovative action-puzzle game! Jump from one platform to the next... or even the wall! Avoid the slippery green goo or youll slide down to your peril! Solve the puzzles of each stage to advance to the next -- it gets pretty tricky! Mouse = Aim/Jump Space = Pickup/Throw Objects M = Mute P = Pause R = Reset

Accommodates the pieces in one line to add score.
Fairly Odd Parents: The 10 magic wands

Help Timmy to find the 10 magic wands. When you find them, find Cosmo and Wanda. Use the arrows to move Timmy and space bar to jump. With each magic wand you increase your score as same as with the candies. Avoid the obstacles that will take your energy. You have 4 minutes to finish each level. pick up the muffins to obtain energy.
Colored Cubes

Explode cubes by clicking on groups of same colored cubes. Cubes fall down to fill gaps below them. Removing all cubes makes you a winner. You can choose the skill level, hard or easy.
Latin Heat

Each client can request up to 4 drinks per order. You need to serve them as quickly as possible to make the most money. There are 4 types of drinks: bottles of beers, drat of beers, shooters, cocktails. Fill the glasses with beer, mix the cocktails and shooters. Use the right glasses to each shoot and the accessories to mix the cocktails.
Lightning Librarian

Help the Lydia the librarian find books for the kids. The word bubbles tell you wich book the kids want. Use arrow keys to move and the space bar to search the books. Bring the books to the kids before they get upset and leave. Drop unwanted books into the returns slot.
3 in 1 Checkers

Checkers.. With a twist! You havent played checkers like this before!... Game Instructions: To start off, you have three game modes (3 in 1). Standard, the standard checkers game we all know. Giveaway, the absolute opposite goal of the standard game. And extreme - checkers in real time. Just try to outsmart the computer. Enjoy this classic board game!
Bean Fiend

Collect beans. You cannot slim, so when the water goes up you must climb over the plant. Use WASD or arrows to move and jump.

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