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BMX Challenge
Anika s Oddyssey ...
King´s Game

3 Foot Ninja II

Use arrows to move, jump and flip, use A to spin slash, S to normal swing, D to downward slash. Control your health bar, stamina and invisibility meter. There are four pieces of the Golden Scarab to be found in the game. Find all of them for bonus at the end of the game. Press 1 to use stamina potions, 2 to health potions and 3 to invisibility potions. Game Name: 3 Foot Ninja II
Brawler Bear Arena

Fight your way to the top as a Gladiator Bear in this epic RPG-brawler.
Street Fighter Creation 3

Third part of this great game of street fighting in which you can fight alone against a lot of enemies or with a partner.

The two ninjas came together in a battle. You are controlling one of them, and your task is to defeat your opponent before he will manage to kill you. Your enemies are always better armed and move faster than you, so you must be very careful.
Royal Offense 2

Deploy your knights and army to defend your castle against each goblin attack. Use Mouse to interact.
The Pocalypse Defense

Your job is to defend the city gate. The gate´s health and the character health are displayed on the top of the screen. If the character health drops to zero he will not fight for a while. If the gate´s health drops to zero it´s game over. Kill all enemies to win the level. Game´s Name: The Pocalypse Defense
4th and Goal 2011

The cup of 2011 is the best opportunity for this team, which has been forgotten due to its many failures, to conquer a good position in this championship. Guide the team as a whole controlling a single player, the one from behind that is supposed to run all the way through the field to score a touchdown.
Nekra Psaria 2

The wonderfully surreal Nekra Psaria is back, ready for more bizarro adventures with Johnny-boy in his weird, head-powered world. This time, you\'ll be point-and-clicking your way through a bizarre forest, feeding cats, catching birds, and growing head-trees along the way. There\'re people to meet and puzzles to solve along the way, but in this thoroughly surreal series, the most enjoyable part is just having your mind blown!
Retro Racers 3D

One stage after another in a 3D world made of blocks similar to LEGO, drive the retro cars with racers coming straight from old time games. Win one level, then another and raise enough funds to buy better vehicles that not only reach higher speed but also look much better.
The rise of the pirates

Select your character. Your position is the white ship, the red point is your current target. You can move your ship clicking on the map. While moving through the map you can be attacked by the enemies. You can use your mouse to control the ship. Click to destination to move. Press button down and move cursor to the target to shoot. Arrow shows you shooting direction. If you see the arrow became red you can not shoot in that direction. Move close to an enemy ship to board it. The red arrow guides you to enemies. There are dangerous sea monsters.

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