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Wake up the Box ...
Big Pixel Racing
Traffic Slam

Prehistoric Downfall

Use arrow keys to move around and spacebar or up to jump. Jump on enemies or press A near them to destroy them. Press S to pick up skulls and other objects, and S again to throw them at enemies. Hold the down arrow key to grind down hills. Jump on top of springs to launch yourself into the air

Select you robot and box against other boxer robot. Use Z to puch with the left hand and X to punch with the right hand, up arrow to block, down arrow to duck, left and right arrows to dodge. Don´t attack to rapidly or you´ll overheat.
The Dark Age

When the sun sets, a whole new legion of enemies will begin to threaten the Light balance of the realm. It is your duty to take care of these dark warriors and keep them at bay. Each level holds a solid amount of zones to keep you going! Spend money on the stronger units and become victorious as a legend! Use mouse to play.
Virtual Ninja

Defeat all opponents and survive as long as you can. Move the cursor over the action nodes around the character to activate attacks and combos. Health represents your life total. The game ends if it goes down to zero. Stamina is what powers your character in this game. You need it to perform any action, attack or special move. Pick up the powers ups to increase your stamina level. If your stamina drops to zero, the cost of each action will be reflected on your health total instead.
Street King

Hit A to jab, B for stronger attack, arrow key to move around. Double tap direction to run. Try special moves. Walk into kids to pick em up. Pick up objects too.
Zombie vs hamster

Select your character and fight. Use arrows to walk, duck and jump, Z to punch, X to kick and arrows and Z or X to make special attacks.
Agh! Zombies

London City, 2012 year. Zombies attack the city and you must survive as long as you can. Move around the streets fighting against them. Use arrows to move, A to shoot, S to melee. Melee attack pushes back closes zombies. Game´s Name: Agh! Zombies

Defend your neighboord in this game of street fighting. Use karate & tae kwondo to fight. Move with A & S keys. Jump & hit with the arrows keys.
Ninja Ninja

Fight against ninja opponent how long will you last. Use arrow keys to move. Spacer bar to throw Shuriken star.
Yang Loong Legend 2

Use WASD to move player 1, J to attack and K to jump. To move player 2 use arrows, Num 1 to attack and Num 2 to jump. Use spells when available. Control your HP and energy bars. Collect items as peach, panax, green calabash, orange calabash, hint book, life book. Game Name: Yang Loong Legend 2

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