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It´s the Cup final. Select your team. Your´re trailing by 6 points with only 3 minutes on the clock. Only a Try and a conversion will win. Player will run towards your mouse pointer automatically. Press space bar to pass the ball and mouse down to sprint. Gain points: fast time, dodging and barging. Lose points: Passing ball and running backwards.
Rex Ganon

Help Rex Ganon fighting enemies in his mission. Use the guns to shhot them ans try to get the level end in the wilderness scenary.

Complete the levels and accumulate more tribesmen. Just hit the correct sequence of keys to match the scrolling drum icons at the top of the screen. Be sure to keep the beat. Match the arrow keys with the symbols of the screen.

Bugs made of tar, known as tars are attacking the garden water supply. The garden seeds are ready for action and awaiting your command. Select up left to down right to make red flowers. Red flowers attack red tars. Tars will muck up the water. Do not let the tars reach the water.
Tower rescue

There are only 15 days left before the wedding. Lord Sigh Chamberlain has locked Dame Melissa in his castle, forcing her to marry Duke Sylvester. The scarlet pumpernickel will thwart his plan by conquering the heart of the lady. Help him swing over the moat and jump through her window to win her heart. Use the left and right arrow keys to start the back and forth motion. Once the Scarlet Pumpernickel swings far enough you´ll see Dame Melissa calling from one of the castle windows. Be attentive, the lady sometimes moves to another window. Tap space bar at the appropiate moment to launch him ove the moat and make him reach the lady. Swinging the Scarlett pumpernickel too high might break his rope. don´t jump into an ampty window. Daffy might hit the wall.
Swift Drive

Choose your favorite car painting color and prepare yourself for a fast race. Win races to earn money, upgrade the car and unlock more challenging tracks. Arrow keys to drive.
Curve Ball

Bouncing from one side to another, this is a more modern version of the classic and first game ever named Pong, with a different angle now. Instead of taking a whole view from up above and seeing both sides, watch from the real perspective against the opponent’s sight and try to score as many times as possible.
Bandit Ludo

Be the first to get all four of your pawns to Fiesta in this Parcheesi-like game. Be careful though, enemies can send you back to your home! Use the mouse to click on the pawn you would like to move. If you roll a star, you get to advance ahead two stars, and any pawns sitting on either star you pass will be sent to their initial home. If you get a globe, you can move a pawn out of your initial home or ahead to the next globe. Be careful though, if the globe is occupied by an enemy pawn, your pawn will be sent back to the initial home.
Brad Pitt Make Up

Make up this famous actor. You can select a hairstyle, hair dye, highlights, shirt, blush, foundation, lipstick, piercings, eye color, mascara, eye shadow and extras.
Desktop Defense

You suffer an attack on your desktop and you must defend building a structure buying guns with the money that you have. Attackers will go from one side of the screento another another. You must position the guns to shoot them and make them dissappear. With the money you earn you can buy guns more powerful and faster. Also when you acumulatte money you can sell the weapons less effective and buy better. Each attack you receive will be more powerful than the previous one so you must increase your defense.

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