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Gun Blood
3D Rally Racing
The Unfortunate ...


Try to make a rail between the start and finish points. Try to reach the exit in time or the train will be destroyed. Use mouse to trace the rail. Avoid destroy many buildings or you will have extra costs.
Death Racers 2

Choose a racer and choose location where you would like to test your driving skills. Compete against the others and do not let them be better than you! Have no mercy for your rivals!
Splatman Mini

The mini version of Splatman is a light online game that reminds the classic gameplayers of the Pacman, even with the same ghosts. The graphics changed will give a whole new experience to those willing to enter the maze to eat as much as possible without being captured by the haunted monsters.
Shootout Challenge

Target an area of the goal. Choose what type pf kick you want. Click on the accuracy bar to score. Guarding Instructions: The goal area will be highlighted randomly. Your objective is to click on the highlighted area to predict the shooters kick. Game Name: 2002 World Cup Korea Japan Shootout Challenge
Carnival Love

Click and hold the mouse button to kiss. You need to fill the love meter. But be careful, distractions can be dangerous.

Put out the fire. Aim the hose with your mouse. Move the firebot with WASD or the arrow keys. Try to fight against the fire, the most formidable enemy.
Street show

Dress her up! She has a special street show. Use your mouse to interact.

Do you want be the most feared gunslinger in the land? Then you must kill a lot of other cowboys. Fortunately you are living in the right time, there are duels one on one in front of a saloon every day. There is nine cowboys who want to compete face to face with you. A faster cowboy gets a glory and slower cowboy gets only a bullet in own body. Can you be always faster then your opponent? Find out! Have fun.
Super Mario Flash

Collect all the coins and kill the enemies. You can kill enemies by jumping on their heads, but watch out. If you touch them anywhere else you will lose health. Some enemies might be invulnerable to this attack. You can also damage bosses this way but they will also cause you to lose health when touched anywhere else. Controls: Jump, Up, Walk, left, right, Kick, shift, Crouch, down.

It´s the Cup final. Select your team. Your´re trailing by 6 points with only 3 minutes on the clock. Only a Try and a conversion will win. Player will run towards your mouse pointer automatically. Press space bar to pass the ball and mouse down to sprint. Gain points: fast time, dodging and barging. Lose points: Passing ball and running backwards.

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