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Super Mushroom Mario

Pick up the mushrooms in the way avoiding all the obstacles.

Control your pod using the arrow keys or, if it is more comfortable, the WASD keys. Your drill will deploy automatically if you move into diggable material beside or below you. You can trade minerals in your storage bay for cold hard cash. Use keys to make actions. I: open inventory. R: Hull Repair Nanites. F: Reserve Fuel Tank. X: Dynamite. C: Plastic Explosives. Q: Quantum Teleporter (transform your matter into energy). M: Matter Transmitter (like quantum teleporter).

Prove your abilities in the diving and explore the ocean gathering the gold coins and avoiding rocks and fish. Remember go out to breathe before oxygen finishes. YMove your diver using the arrows.

They had build EB2. The perfect weapon. The fastest robot, the most powerful and strongest robot. He was programmed to destroy, he was programmed to kill. But they donīt know something. EB2 doesnīt need anymore and now he wants to escape from those who created it. Use arrows to move and jump. Use the mouse to destroy enemies. Game Name: EB2
Liquid Skin Mares

Throw you marble on the sand and try to get as close as possible to the Mares billboard. But the sand is plenty of obstacles. You shall have your marble bouncing on softer and harder natural shapes. Use spacebar o set the shot power and left and right arrows to adjust the elevating arc of your shot. Game Name: Liquid Skin Mares
Bubble Spinner

Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board scoring as many points as possible. You can remove balls by forming groups of three or more similarity colored balls. Aim with the mouse and click to shoot.
Elastic Soccer

try to convert the greater amount of goals in this soccer game. Use shift to control to the goal keeper.
Hot Blood Boxing

Fight in the ring against another rival commanded by a person or the computer. Try to knock the other boxer before he knocks you. Below the screen appears the energy from each boxer. The energy will descend each time you receive a blow. When one boxer energy is finished the other boxer will win the fight. Controls: Player 1: W, A, S, D, walk, B, N, M, attack, Space, defense. Player 2: arrows, walk, 1, 2, 3, attack, 0, defense.
Gun Blood

Choose your character to duel with another gun man. Place mouse over the chamber until the counter reaches zero. Then shoot your opponent. After some duels you must prove your aim shooting bottles.
Scarlett Johanson Dress Up

Select the better clothes for this beautiful actress. You can select the hair, skirt, shoes, chains, dress, top, bottom and extras.

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