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Ninja 2
Sniper Duty
The Entrance

Mini Tower Defense

Build tower to defend you base against the enemy tanks. Upgrade the towers if you can afford, but use your money wisely, for every successful mission, you will earn skill points. Use them to buy the upgrades you need. You can drop bombs on enemies if you wish, but be careful, if one enemy escapes you lose that mission. Try to complete all the levels.
Damn Birds

You are a statue in the park. You stood here for years and watched birds pooping on you until one dayyour patience came to its end and you decided to tae revenge on these feathered demons. Aim your gun with your mouse and click to shoot. If your load ends, you must wait until your gun is reloaded before you can shoot again. The gun will not be reloaded if you ara out of ammo. Use 1 - 5 to selecta a gun, Tab to switch to the next available gun, R to reload the gun. Before each new level you can buy new weapons and ammo, increase your defense and clean yourself.
Baseball League

Baseball League will entertain you with the best you can get from a baseball game, so start off and see what this game is all about! You can start playing in the championship mode at once and get into the real baseball tournament. But if you feel that you’re not ready for it, you can start with some practice before the real tournament. It’s strongly suggested that you practice a little before you get into some real baseball action as this game is not far from what you will see and live through in the reality of a baseball game!
News Hunter

You´ve just received the latest headline on yur cell phone but another news network got the jump on you. To get the exclusive, you must do whatever it takes to make sure the competition never makes it to the scene. Chase down and disable the other network´s van, by rear-ending and side-swiping it - to complete each level and get the exclusive. Use arrows to move.
Lets Go Jay walking!

Its time to make a dash for freedom…into oncoming traffic!
Crescent Solitaire 3

Play this solitaire game. Use your mouse to play.
Juve Vs. Barça

Champions league2015 final, Juve vs. Barca. Hold SPACE when shooting and force a bicycle kick. If you score you don\'t lose a turn and get to shoot again.
Extreme Air Jockey Challenge

Play in this realistic air hockey emulator. Select your country and then your opponent. Hit the ball with all your strength and try to enter it on the opponent scoreboard. You can not touch it once it passes the middle of the playing area. Anticipate your opponent´s moves and try to block them. Game Name: Extreme Air Jockey Challenge
Ghosts´n Goblins

Another 80´s classic game now as SWF game so you can enjoy it in the web. Rescue the princess kidnapped by your enemies. You must fight against zombies, mythological animals and other obstacles. Arrow keys, walk and climb, Shift, jump, Ctrl, fire.
Counter Piquete

A game inspired by the international conflict between Argentina and Uruguay over the installation of a paper factory that pollutes the river common to both countries. In this game Uruguayan politicians responsible for the installation of the paper factory must struggle against the people of the Gualeguaychú city in Argentina, who oppose the installation of the factory. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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