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Vampire Physics

Mad Arrow

Protect your gold. You put defenders in the way according to the money you have. When you kill enemies you increase your money amount and you can put new and better defenders. Game Name: Mad Arrow
Big Head Football Championship

Big Head Football Championship game is the second version of Big Head so you can play as you know this game. There isnt lots change round the game. Play as a Head and keep ball own field. For goal you should make much. Championship cup will be taken for your Big Head team.
Chinese Zodiac Quest

Your mission is to eliminate all zodiac gems before they reach their destination. You can click a gem to select it and view its zodiac. When the zodiacs you selected successively are the same, these gems will be eliminated. But when a different zodiac appears in the process, it will force you to take a new try. Game Name: Chinese Zodiac Quest
My Little Army. Mith Balls

Your objective is to finish the main missions and gather all the myth balls. Select your hero. You will lose the game if your hero is defeated, so watch his or her life bar. Units on the right side of the screen are your enemies. Complete the stated objective on the top of the screen to win the battle. There is a unit panel. It lists 4 possible little soldiers you can add to the battlefield. You can customize your little soldiers later. Click the soldiers buttons to select the units. The number refers to its cost. Click the unit speel button to switch to the spell panel, then click on a spell to begin casting it. Game Name: My Little Army. Mith Balls
Best league

One of the classic football games. Play with the arrow keys to move the players; enter key to start; and X, C and V keys to maneuver inside the court.

Defeat your opponents. Use W, A, S, D keys to move. Mouse Click to use weapon. Press Space Bar key to switch from short range to long range weapon. Use R, T keys or Mouse Wheel to change throwing weapons. Use E key or click Mouse Wheel to use throw-able weapons.

The player takes turn with the computer drawing a line to connect two dots horizontally or vertically. If a player makes the line that completes a box, that player scores one point, and draws another line. Once all the dots are connected the player with the most points is the winner.
The Lost Inca

Help Mark and Jack to find the inca´s secrets. Press X to change Mark Ability. Press Z to switch Mark or Jason. Mark can throw the rope up or down for him and Jason can climb. Press up plus space to throw the ropes up. Press down plus space bar to throw the ropes down. Press C to pick up the ropes back. Mark can make a bridge, so him and Jason can go to another tile in the same level. Press space bar. Be careful with the traps.
Friggin Bugs

Shoot all the evil bugs before they reach the hive and destroy all the eggs. Don´t let your health bar reach 0 or it is game over. Use A and D to move, mouse to shoot and spacebar to eat. Game´s Name: Friggin Bugs
Cube it

The aim of the game is to move the green cube around the level by clicking on any cube next to it. certain cubes do different thing as shown below. The red cubes are the most important. after you have moved off a red cube it fall down. You must keep moving around the level until you have made all the red cubes fall down. You can use arow keys to look around.

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