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Qubilz is a fun, challenging, physics based puzzle game; in which your goal is to build a structure from a limited number of jello blocks. and then endure a pummeling from those devious black balls! Stack your tower as high as possible for an even better score, just make sure to make it as stable as you can; you might be able to build a tower, but theres no guarantee that itll survive the rain if its not structured properly! Select and place blocks Left click on a block to select it, move your mouse around to move it on the screen, and then click again to place the block.
Onslaught Tower Defence is a popular survival-base

Onslaught Tower Defence is a popular survival-based tower defence game where you stop various kinds of increasingly stronger creeps from reaching Area 51 for as long as possible. You can achieve greater firepower by forming \"combos\" with different towers with fully upgraded damage, close together. Upgrades, support towers and combos are essential in keeping the creeps at bay. Play using your mouse.
3D Tanks

Your mission is not to let the enemy tanks overwhelm your defences. Use arrows to control the weapon and spacebar to shoot. Press W on the keyboard to choose available weapons. Avoid shooting medic and nuclear trucks, but stop money trucks to earn extra cash. You will be able to upgrade your weapon on accomplishing the missions.
Goalkeeper Italian

You play in this Italian soccer team. Show you\'re the best goalkeeper by stopping all the balls that go straight to your goal. Football is your passion, show the world you\'re the greatest soccer player around. Good luck. Play this game with your mouse.
Seven Wonders of the World

Turning through the pages of history, the world opens the book with their names written in gold. Try to solve the puzzles of the seven wonders of the world. The pieces are jumbled and you have to get them togethe to form a proper picture. Click on a piece to move it either up, down or sideways.
Fish Tales

Sunny is a small fish in the ocean. Use your mouse to help him survive in these dangerous waters. Follow these rules: Eat the fish smaller than yourself. Avoid the fish bigger than yourself. Eat enough fish to grow up.
Hot Dog Bush

It´s Dubya´s first day on the job and it is all a bit confusing. You must create meals and deliver them to customers. You can drag and drop items or click on them. Click on the food to select it, ad garnish and sell drinks to the people in the streets.
Lock´n roll

Form combinations of same color and same number, same color and each number, each color and each number and others.
Attack of the Johnnies

The Attack of the Johnnies game combines two of your favorite things. In this cool game you get to see some of your favorite cartoons and combine them with an awesome tower defense game. Build up your tower defenses so you can protect the information that the bad guys are trying to steal. Keep your towers upgraded. Good luck. Use your mouse to play.
Penalty Shootout

Kick the ball into the opposing goal in this 5 penalties competition. Use the mouse to aim and to measure the force of your kick. Choose a sector of the goal and measure the power of your kick. If you fail the point goes for the opponent team.

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