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The rise of the ...
Totems Awakening
Bubble Spinner

Super Adventure Pals

Use arrow keys and WASD to move and use abilities. Press A to use the sword, S to throw bombs. Collect the rubies and complete the adventure. Game Name: Super Adventure Pals
Angel of The Battlefield 2

Use ADW or arrows to move and indicated keys to perform actions. Press Space to take and put objects and characters. Rescue the wounded from the battlefield and bring them to the hospital tent. Game Name: Angel of The Battlefield 2
Turbo Bike Race

Run with your motorcycle in this circuit trying to complete it before your time is finished. Accelerate and it double with the arrows of the cursor. Take care with the curves.
Bow chief

Shoot the apples and goblins, calculating the distance so that your shot is perfect. It is played with the mouse.
World Dice War

Choose a map from those that the computer creates and choose how many opponents will play against you. You can choose between 1 and 8 enemies. Once the map is created each participant will choose wich territory want to attack. When your turn begins click your area and the neighboor to attack.
Flappy Spongebob

The Flappy Bird craze is sweeping the world and now your favorite cartoon guy Spongebob is getting in on the action. In the Flappy Spongebob game you need to help Spongebob fly as far as he can. See how high a score you can get in the Flappy Spongebob game. Use your mouse, space bar and up arrow key to play.
Cover Orange 2

You will have to protect the oranges from the freezing rain. For that you must put the boxes and barrels in the floor that make a roof for oranges. Once you have placed all the objects available in the field the cloud will throw the drops. The oranges will thank you if you protect them.
Attack of the Johnnies

The Attack of the Johnnies game combines two of your favorite things. In this cool game you get to see some of your favorite cartoons and combine them with an awesome tower defense game. Build up your tower defenses so you can protect the information that the bad guys are trying to steal. Keep your towers upgraded. Good luck. Use your mouse to play.

Stack as many blocks on top of the tower as you can withou making the whole thing topple. You get points for placing blocks above the white line. Star blocks are worth double points. If most of the blocks above the white line fall below it the game ends.
Inn Keeper

Manage with your family this little resort. First you have to build the rooms and once guests start arriving you can reinvest the income you receive. You can add furniture, make marketing campaigns and more beside maintenance and cleaning. Game Name: Inn Keeper

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