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Demon Destroyer
Heat Rush
Natural Selectio ...

Destroy Boy

Make your way to the other end of the floor using any weapon. If you are tired of your job just solve it.
The Champions 3D

Select a country and try to win the football or soccer World Cup. Use arrows or WASD to move, C or N to pass the balloon and C or M to shoot
Splatman Mini

The mini version of Splatman is a light online game that reminds the classic gameplayers of the Pacman, even with the same ghosts. The graphics changed will give a whole new experience to those willing to enter the maze to eat as much as possible without being captured by the haunted monsters.
Ball Match

Make the same ball over three on vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Use arrow keys to move the balls and up arrow to change their order.
Snake on a Cartesian Plane

Another version of the classic Snake with some variations. The worm will grow much more each time he eats. Moreover you will go out and get the edge on the opposite side. Avoid hitting yourself. In some levels you have to eat only the squares of your same color and avoid hitting the other color ones. Game Name: Snake on a Cartesian Plane
Air hockey 2

Everyone loves a great game of air-hockey, but you can\'t always get to a table! Online is the place for you to go! The game is as \'simple\' to play as in real life. Just drag your mouse around to block and shoot the puck. Warning: the computer player is really pretty good so you\'ll need to stay on top of your game. Out-score your opponent to win!
Nightmares 2

Help Victor face his fears in this new adventure in the land of nightmares, this time in a swamp. To pick up an object in the game zone, point and click on it. It will go in your inventory where youŽll be able to access later when you need it. To use an object in your inventory, point and click on it then drag and drop it in the game zone where you think youŽll be able to use it.
Dynamite Snake

This is a derived version of the classic Snake. Use arrow keys to reach out. Press R to restart level. Collect coins in your way. Be hurry to avoid exploding yourself. Game Name: Dynamite Snake
Fairway Solitaire

A new take on solitaire with a golfing theme! Control: Click on a card that is one more or less then the current card.

We invite you to enjoy this amazing version of golf where every hole is placed in an incredible space, holes created by missiles, submarines, grass eaten by cows, waterfalls, buildings, ancient ruins and more. Use the mouse to aim your shot and to calculate the power. Game Name: Wonderputt

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