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Tornado Mania!
Red Ball 3
Ninja 2
Feed Fredy

Chibi Knight

The canyon beast devours all who enter its lair. The three giants are bringing horror to the people. Try to save the village. Use arrows to move, A to attack, S to open spell inventory. Collect the spells from the wizards.
Fat Warrior 2

Use the arrows to move and X to attack. If you want to taste your mother´s savory soup again, get your father the king out from the jail. Then you´ll have to recover the magical forks, scattered to the corners of the kingdom. You must also recover the supreme silverware, which Skinny has hidden in the castle. Game Name: Fat Warrior 2

Use arrows to jump and walk and arrows and A to run. Hold up arrow longer to jump higher. Some of objects can be moved. Press S to enter doors. Click X to exit the levels. When you run you can jump for longer distances. Grab all the stars. Hold S to catch the levers and move them. Press S plus arrows to pull objects. Game´s Name: Ozee
Happy Painting Dress Up

Select the clothes for those girl and boy that are going to paint their house. First you must dress up the girl, then you must dress up the boy. When you finish press the show button.
21 Balloons

Pick up the balloons with the pod pressing at the right time while moving. Collect the balloons shooting at rope and not touch them because they will explode and you will lose points. Match balloon color with bear color for a better score. Collect star balloons to get extra score. Life balloons give one life. Game Name: 21 Balloons

Click two adjacent diamonds to exchange them, if three or more diamods are in a line, the diamonds will be cleared, and 10 points will be credited to you per diamond. The game is over if no diamonds can be cleared.
Perfect balance

One by one, place all the objects on the playfield using mouse. To pass a trial no object must fall off the screen.

Throw the ball into the basket. Each shot you miss takes you farther from the basket. You\'ve got ten shots, sink them all to get a bonus shot! Use the mouse to aim, click to shoot.
Red Ball 4 Vol 1.0

Help Red Ball to achieving the pennants in each level to move to the next. Avoid falling, touching the stakes or any other hazard. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Collect the stars that are appear on your way. Eliminate the enemies jumping over them. Game Name: Red Ball 4 Vol 1.0
Football Fizzix

With a true arsenal of football players, score one goal after another without stopping to rest at any moment, moving them awkwardly using physics. In Fizzix, the funny name is because of the weird but fun controls, basically ignoring most of gravity force when trying to kick the ball and protect the goal.

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