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The Unfortunate ...
Crash the Robot
Snail Bob 2

School Wars

Choose your team and fight against others. Your team will be positioned in one corner of the board. You must not lose that position or you will lose the game. As you kill members of opposing teams can get more fighters to yours.
Dentist Slacking

Sarah needs to go visit the dentist. Can she brush up a little fun whilst getting her teeth cleaned or will she be left with a sour saste in her mouth?
Kimīs adventure

Itīs Kim possible first day at pre-school and the villains are out to crush her spirit. Help her get out of the classroom so she can meet Ron on the playground. Use the arrow keys to control Kim. Hit the space bar to jump off a swinging lamp, to activate a lever o a switch. Some objects like blocks, bouncy balls and wooden boxes can be pushed and used to reach higher ground. Avoid contact with obstacles and enemies or Kim will lose energy. If her energy bar runs out, she will lose a life. Pick up comunicators along the way to earn extra lives. Pick up Cuddle buddies along the way to earn extra points. Complete each level in the given amount of time or Kim will lose a life.
Carnival Love

Click and hold the mouse button to kiss. You need to fill the love meter. But be careful, distractions can be dangerous.
Raft Wars

A group of pirates attack the babies that are playing in the beach. You can defend the babies throwing tennis balls, grenades and bombs to the other babies. You will have to calculate the trajectory and intensity of fire, using the mouse. The other babies will also shoot.

Press the action (space, Z or V) to start. Select space station or laboratory levels. Try to escape from the disasters and solve all the problems. Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press action to flip. Press enter to activate terminals. Gameīs Name: VVVVVV
Madness Reaction Time

Prove your reaction time. Click when the gun fires to dodge the bullet. Donīt Try to dodge too early or you will loose points. If you have a good reaction time you will win many points.
Recordshop Tycoon

Buy a property with your available funds and start your music business. You should buy cds of different music genres and buy it to the customers that come in to your store. You must first buy the music to be available to sell it.

Click on a cell to infect same color cells touching red areas and to produce biomass. Collect biomass lines to prevent overload and test tube explosion. Collect more biomass lines by a click to get more food. Game Name: Biomass
Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle

Once was a count who lived at castle chameleon. A cruel man named Thrashwoode, quite Machiavellian. Inside the castle were two loyal assistans. But Thrashwoode cared not, and remained ever distant. His power and wealth left him no time for kindness. In friendship and love he was struck with a blindness. For just one did he care, his affections fulfilled her, a beautiful princess known as Hilda. A sorceress came through the window one night, raised her hand, cast a spell. The count was trapped in his castle forever. Now the stranger will enter the castle. Use arrows to move, Z to perform action and X to use shield. Game Name: Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle

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