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Bike Zone 2
Hanna Choppa 2
Anbot 2

The Incredibles: Thin Ice

Frozone´s got his supersuit and is on his way to do some super-deeds. Help him maneuver through the rooftops of Metro City avoiding the mini omnidroids syndrome is throwing his way. Tap he arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Collect points by clicking up spinning items.
Shatter Baseball

Change your angle and power that you hit the baseball. Try to break windows hit marked bonuses.
Hidden Cuckoos

Find all the cuckoos that are hidden and add points to surpass all levels. Use the mouse to play.
Hidden Conversation Hearts

Try to find the Hidden Conversation Hearts in the restaurant when the couple is dinning. They want to celebrate their love and you must help them to find the hearts. Look around the place looking where the hearts are and click to collect them.
Red Ball 2

One day the Red Ball, the king of the monarchy of balls, walked his country with his crown. It was a very warm day and Red Ball was very happy. Suddenly a strong wind came from nowhere and took red ball by surprise. He lost his crown. He started looking around but without success. Help him to find his crown. Use arrow keys to move and jump.
60 Seconds

You have 60 secondos to steal 6 cars and driving them to the hiding place. This game is based on the famous movie.
Love Burger

You work in a love burger restaurant. You need to make your customers happy at any cost even if they demand something unusual. Use point and click technique to complete the quest. If you fail to perform then you will be fired from the love burger restaurant. Use mouse to play this game.

Athletes are getting ready for the Olympics, including in their training for the ultimate sports championship little competitions where they show strength. It’s not only good to practice their skills, but to show everyone including their opponents from other countries how good they are, in this case with a javelin.
Haunt the House

Tonight is night of haunting. Move with arrow keys or WASD. Your ghost can possess objects with his soul. When you possess the object you can perform spooky actions. Different objects have many different spooky actions. Press space to return to your ghost form. Level up your atmosphere by scaring people out the house. The aim is to scare all 30 people out of the house. The front door is low corner. Do not panic them too much.
Heat Rush USA

Run on different stages of this race in amazing places. Use the arrow keys to maneuver your vehicle and X or Z to activate turbo. Complete the stages within the time limit to advance on to the next race. Game Name: Heat Rush USA

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