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Celebrity Girl Fight

Select a girl between some celebrities and fight in this fight of celebrity girls. You will have to use the left and right arrow keys to hit your opponent and the upper cursor to block the hits that she attempts to give you. Each wrestler has an energy bar that if it finishes the fight ends.
Diamond Dust

Click on a group of diamonds to rotate them. Match 3 colors to earn points and have new diamonds drop from the top. Try to set up combos to increase your score.

Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow. To shoot click anywhere in game window and move your mouse back and down and finally release the left mouse button when youīre ready to shoot.
Silent Water

In a sea full of submarines you must throw bombs to destroy them and prevent them reach you with their torpedoes. Move your boat with the mouse and shoot with the mouse button. After throwing a bomb you have to wait a time to recharge. Calculate the depth and speed of the submarines and the time our explosive may take to reach them to hit as much as possible.
Polar Bear Snowboard

Use arrows to move left or right, space or up arrow to jump. Collect apples, fishes and stars to collect bonus and hearts to get additional lives. Avoid dangerous things. Press Z, X to make stunt actions, left and right arrows to perform 360 flip while on air. Game Name: Polar Bear Snowboard
Making Monkies (that looks like toast)

Use AD to move and W to jump. Hold for higher jump. Try to reach coffee cup in each level. Press spacebar or shift to pick up the gun and clone monkeys to help you in your mission. Game Name: Making Monkies (that looks like toast)
Rice Attack

Enter the jungle to complete the mission. First select the genre of the soldier. Use A and D to walk, W to aim up and S to aim down and crouch. Press J to shoot, K to jump and L to throw grenades.
The Ball Girl

Milly and her mother are invited to a big ball where they will see famous actors. They want to wear matching dresses. Can you find these dresses for them? You can dress them up in different styles too! You know, just make them stand out at the ball! All eyes should be on them!
Duck Hunt

Hunt the ducks with your gun
Krazy flasher 3: The game of death match

Use A and D to move left and right, S to go down and W to go up. Use B to attack, N to jump and M to specials. With the spacebar you select the weapon. Approaching the enemy can hold it. Press speccial attack to be invincible for one second, but energy will reduce a little. if you donīt have a weapon you can pick up things from the floor using the attack key.

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