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Down Hill Duel

Coyote Debris Derby

Another accident in the quest to get the road runner. Help Wile E. avoid more injuries as he falls from the sky. Click and drag Wile E. avoiding all the flying debris as long as you can. From time to time power ups will appear and give you new strenght. Soap creates a bubble force field, the bottle of pills shrinks your body temporarily, the first air kit increases your health meter and gold gives you extra points.
Papa Louie: When pizzas attack

Use arrow keys to walk. Use the space bar to jump. Press and hold the spacebar while airborne. Press the Z key to hit enemies. Press X to drop the pepper bomb. Beware of pizza monsters. Hit cheese wads back at monster. Box them. Jump over the platforms to open the cages
Leila and the Magic Ball

Left and right arrow keys to move. To jump, press the up arrow key or space bar. Hold X o N to call the magic ball to Leila. Hold X or N to throw the magic ball at the tower and destroy it. The longer you hold X or N the harder the throw. If the ball gets stuck try holding X or N to pull it free, or press Reset. Press the down arrow key to look below. Collect the bottles. Crates can activate switches. Game Name: Leila and the Magic Ball
Crazy Dentist Office

This girl is really affraid of going to the dentist. She hasn\'t been there in years, and it shows! Now her problem is even bigger.. because now you are her dentist! HAHAHA! Grab a toothbrush and brush all the teeth, use pliers to pull the rotten teeth out and use hooks an drills to fix the mess. If only she didn\'t eat so much candy!
Monkey Go Happy Treasure

You have to find the treasure. If you fail to find it then monkey will always remain sad. You can proceed by using point and click technique. This is a funny game where you will meet many comical characters. Use your brain to find the treasure. Use mouse only to play this game.
Archery Battle

Two nations of stick figures have been fighting for years, though both sides have yet to discover why they are fighting. You are your army´s most valued soldier, being the only citizen intelligent enow to use a bow instead of beating foes with a stick. Move with W, S, A and D. Hold and release the mouse to shoot an arrow. Gain money by killing enemies. You get more money for headshots. If one of your soldiers reaches the far side of the battlefield, you win. If the eney reaches your side, you lose. Even if you are too wounded to fight, your soldiers must still win. After each skirmish, purchase upgrades with the money you´ve earned.
Dots 2

Draw a line between two points. Try to close a shape to make a square. Avoid let new squares to your opponent. The player that creates more squares wins the game.
Princess Ariel Doll House Decor

Melody, the daughter of the princess Ariel is eulogized for her performance in the academics in the college. Ariel is in seventh heaven now. She has decided to present Melody a pretty doll house that is presented by her mom. The old doll house looks pretty old and unfashionable. You are here to add more beauty to the doll house.
In Doddle God We Trust

In the beginning there was only Doddle God. He created the four basic elements. Now you must combine them to create new elements. Try to reach the goal in 4 minutes. Click groups to expand them. And then click elements to combine.
Electric Man

Fight against combat teams of varying numbers to determine the most powerful stick man in the universe. A combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers can be used to wipe out your opponents. Use arrows to move and dodge, Q, punch, W, kick, E, grab in slow motion, A, punch, S, kick, D, grab.

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