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King´s Game

Office Slacking 4

Sarah has found a new job, after being fired for time wasting, but she hasn´t changed her lazy ways. Help her complete all the activities within 3 minutes, but make sure not to get caught by the nasty boss. Use your mouse or keyboard to complete the activities. If the boss comes to check on you, stop the activity and get back to work.

Accommodate the blocks in the objectives within the time limit taking care of not to mistake in your movements.

Press the action (space, Z or V) to start. Select space station or laboratory levels. Try to escape from the disasters and solve all the problems. Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press action to flip. Press enter to activate terminals. Game´s Name: VVVVVV

At the first part of your turn click on the countries you want to deploy your armies. Then click on a territory you own and then on one of its neighbors to attack it. To confirm review your orders and click Commit to finish. You can select how much armies you want to use in each attack and use the other to attack another country. Game Name: Warlight
Silver Arrow

Cruel Joe has held your Princess hostage. As Prince Charming, you have to save your princess. Hold left mouse to increase the arrow strenght meter. Release left mouse to throw the arrow on enemy soldiers. You need to kill all soldiers to precced to the next level. Your princess is on the 10th level. Collect bonus arrows and bonus life on your way. Press A to move left, D to move right and W to jump.
Fancy Wizard

Help the wizard to reach the exit door in each level. Click the mouse inside he circle to create dummies to help you in your task. Click on a dummy to lock its position. Game Name: Fancy Wizard
Belize beauties

Match groups of mayan glyphs, rainforest animals, or tropical butterflies in this game. Plus, T, nine square,doughnut hole gives you different points.
Polar Express

At each track crossing, there is a red/green switch. The train will follow the green path. When clicked, the switch will change the path direction. Pick up additional train cars and pick ups for points. You must watch out for obstacles on the tracks and avoid snaking the train into itself. Once all the cars have been picked up the tunnel opens to access the bonus mini game. If you finish a level quickly, you may be elegible for bonus points at the end of that level. Remember, the more you play the quicker you will become. Change your speed using the fast/slow throttle. Click on the speed and it will slow down or speed up your train. In the tunnel pick up sparkling jewels for points and lumps of coal for fuel.
Haunt the House

Tonight is night of haunting. Move with arrow keys or WASD. Your ghost can possess objects with his soul. When you possess the object you can perform spooky actions. Different objects have many different spooky actions. Press space to return to your ghost form. Level up your atmosphere by scaring people out the house. The aim is to scare all 30 people out of the house. The front door is low corner. Do not panic them too much.
Football Fizzix

With a true arsenal of football players, score one goal after another without stopping to rest at any moment, moving them awkwardly using physics. In Fizzix, the funny name is because of the weird but fun controls, basically ignoring most of gravity force when trying to kick the ball and protect the goal.

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