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Outback Racing
Dralienīs day
Galactic coloniz ...

Wild Bears

Shoot anything that moves. Itīs not really ecological but, itīs just a game. In real world bears donīt use guns.
Power Pinball

Play this pinball in the wilderness. Use down arrowto launch the ball, up arrow to tilt, left and right arrow to use flippers.
Poker Pai Gow

your 2 games must be higher than bank ones. You get 7 card to divide between the two games.
Find the People

You walk between a disoriented multitude looking for people equal to you. You need to find them to add score avoiding the other people. If you touch other person you lose time. When the time finishes you lose the game.
Naughty Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor is a game with 2 levels.Time to get Naughty with the Neighbours! Use your mouse to play.
Elemental Escape

Aang, Katara and Toph have been taken prisoner by and armored Fire Nation ship. Fire guards abound and roam the area. Use each benders innate ability to get to the upper deck and escape the vessel.

Use the left and right arrows to move the snake. Watch out for the walls and your tail.
Timble Game

The classic street game in which one piece is hidden under one of three glasses and they are moved fast. You will have to follow the movement to try to guess which is the glass that has the piece. When you win you will move to the next level where the movements are more complicated and fast. Game Name: Timble Game
Nightmares 3

Help Victor face his fears in this new adventure in the land of nightmares, this time in a Library. Help him to solve a puzzle that will help you to go out form this nightmare. To pick up an object in the game zone, point and click on it. It will go in your inventory where youīll be able to access later when you need it. To use an object in your inventory, point and click on it then drag and drop it in the game zone where you think youīll be able to use it.
Wrath of Evil

Once upon a time Earth was a great and promising place. However, demon lord Azazel founded a way to destroy harmony. Stop the invasion with arcs and arrows. Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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