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Stealth Hunter 2
Swindler. The gr ...
Building Demolis ...

Waterfalls 2

Drag and drop forces to guide the flood and fill the containers. When you fill all the containers you can advance to the next level. Game Name: Waterfalls 2
Snacks Match

Use your memory power to match the food items and earn score. You will lose a life if you match the wrong one. Finish every level before the time runs out. Complete all the levels to win the game. Use mouse to interact.

Build 8 sequences down in suit within the tableau, from king to ace. Top cards of tableau piles are available to play. Build tableu piles down regardless of suit, from king to ace. Groups of cards in sequence of the same suit may be moved as a unit. When any of tableaus are empty you can fill space with any card or group of cards. When you have made all the available plays on the board, click the draw pile to deal one card on each tableau pile.
The forest temple

Use A, W, D to move water girl, Use the arrow keys to move fire boy. Get to the exit doors as fast as possible, grabbing all diamonds. In some levels you must move both characters simultaneously. In other levels the goal is to grab the green diamond, and the go to the exit doors. Never mix fire and water.
Baseball League

Baseball League will entertain you with the best you can get from a baseball game, so start off and see what this game is all about! You can start playing in the championship mode at once and get into the real baseball tournament. But if you feel that you’re not ready for it, you can start with some practice before the real tournament. It’s strongly suggested that you practice a little before you get into some real baseball action as this game is not far from what you will see and live through in the reality of a baseball game!
Chaotic Sacred Ground

You will have to find the differences between the two identical images, with scenes of chaotic places full of objects. When you find something different between the two images, press the mouse button where you think the difference is. Once you have found all the differences in an image you will pass to the next one. Game´s Name: Chaotic Sacred Ground
Papa\'s Cheeseria

Craft colossal Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and pile on the Fries in Papa\'s Cheeseria! Mouse to play.
Sugar Sugar 2

Draw with your mouse to get enough sugar in the cup. White sugar in the white cup. Red sugar in the red cup. to colour sugar send it through the filter. There is a hole in the ground. Use to reach higher cups. If you get stuck press Reset. Game Name: Sugar Sugar 2
Batman: Dynamic Double Team

Destroy the pirates in the other side of the galaxy. Use arrows to move, Z to attack, X to jump, X and Z to kick and jump, Z and up arrow or down arrow to special attack. Collect scarabs to fill your blue beetle meter, collect health orbs to fill your health bar. Name: Batman the Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team
Fire Boy and Water Girl 3

Use arrows to move Fireboy and AWD to move Watergirl. Never Mix fire and water. Green mud kills them both. Lever remains as you left them. Pushers however must be held. Don´t forget to grab some diamonds. You can interact with objects. Open doors by standing in front of them. Click S or down arrow when jump down to increase the height of the jump. Game Name: Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple III

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