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World Wars 2

The target of World Wars 2 is gaining control over all territories on the map. In the beginning you get to choose how your team will look and how many players take part in the game. When the game begins choose a territory of yours with two or more units on it to attack a neighboring enemy territory. Use the cards to improve your army.
Age of War 2

This game is a mix between of strategy and defense game. You must destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You must build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemies. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful.
Energy Crisis

Planet E is a huge energy star recently occupied by human alliance. The planet´s native occupants are giant bugs living off its energy resources. The hungry bugs have being attacking the energy centers built by human alliance. You have been put in charge of defending the energy centers from the harassment of the annoying bugs. Protect all the energy blocks within energy centers from being looted by the giant bugs. Buy and upgrade defense towers, lay down mines and bombs. Kill the bugs before they exit.
Age of Defense

You are brave warrior armoured by 3 types of weapons: thrown object, arrow, gun. Move mouse to top, centre or bottom to aim to throw objects, press mouse to increase power bar, release to throw. Use mouse to aim the arrows, click to shoot, red bar is your ammo. Do the same with the gun. Press 1 to use primary weapons and 2 to secondary weapons. Press space bar to activate special weapons.
Stick Brawl

Kill waves of sticks, ride blobs and stay alive as long as you can!
Perfect Parking 2

You must park your car in the highlighed space without hitting another vehicle. If you touch another vehicle you lose the game. You have a time limit to do it. Use arrows to move and space bar to brake hard.
Skeleton Gardens

Hack and slash your way through the Skeleton Gardens to fight off hordes of humans who are trying to destroy your trees. Collect seeds to plant more bones as you use your weapon to kill enemies mercilessly. Much fun!
Farm Mania

Make all processes of a farm to get some delicious fresh vegetables. Plant seeds. Look for water in the well and water the plants. Continue all steps to obtain the fruits of each species. Game Name: Farm Mania
Rail of War

Setup the train by selecting wagons and arm them with weapons. The cannons on your trains and on your wagons are controlled by your mouse. There will be different routes you can take. If you come to a switch, you can click it to change the route. Complete the missions objectives. Refuel and repair your train. Attach new wagons when available. Game´s Name: Rail of War
Mario Bros together

Help Mario and Luigi to be together. Use mouse to play.

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