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Cover Orange Pla ...
Vampire Physics
Civilizations Wa ...

Empire of the Galaldur

You have to manage the production of the resources, build the structures and train the army from to get them ready to fight. In the beginning you need to build a town hall and another buildings.
Minion drinks laboratory

Welcome to Minion cold drinks lab. Here in this lab, you will be provided with amazing flavor to prepare your favorite drinks. Minion will guide you in preparing many variety of drinks. Use mouse top lay. Enjoy your experience. Cheers!
Penguins Fight

The game consists of a confrontation between two penguins on an ice block. You must attack the other penguin trying to throw it to the sea. Also you must gather the different objects that appear to increase your score. You can play against computer or another player.
Crush the Castle 2

With a rudimentary catapult knock down the castles to advance in your conquest. Select first wich castle you want to attack. To attack press the mouse button once to release the catapult and again to release the projectile. Game Name: Crush the Castle 2 Players Pack

Use your mouse to control the space paddle. click to launch ball and fire. Destroy all blocks.

Bounce the ball trying to beat the bricks to add points and to to accede to the next level.
Transylmania 2

Help Vampy travel across land and sea, gathering clues along the way, to find Faustoner and reclaim her bear before something evil happens to him. Use left and right arrows to move, up arrow to jump and fly and down arrow to crouch. Use space bar to use vam-power.
Death Racers

Run in this future destroyed landscape. Select your racer. Kayzi drives with style and likes to drive the crowd wild. The butcher is a hardened killer, and his car is a brutal machine. Xygar is a victim of the radiation with extra strength. Lopez 2.0 is a Cyborg with petrol running through his veins.
Perfect Hoopz

The objective is to make 3 hoopz to pass a level. Press and drag mouse to set direction and power. Release mouse to throw. Press spacebar to cancel direction and power. Game Name: Perfect Hoopz

In a boring day of school, the girl stops listening class and plunges into a deep sleep that leads her to a magical world. Help her go through this history by finding the differences between identical images. Press left mouse button on the places where you find something different between images. Once you find all the differences you will be taken to the next image in the story. Game´s Name: Dreams

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