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River Rapids
The forest templ ...
Bean Fiend

Nuclear Plant

Use arrows or WASD to move, Shift to reload your gun, mouse to aim and shoot, 1-8 to change the weapons, down arrow or S to start working with a plant or laboratory. Get skill points in laboratory researching. Increase your skills. Get money for killing enemies. Buy powerful weapons and health units in shop. Game Name: Nuclear Plant
Roadkill Revenge

Place the car in the launching area. Let click to do it. Click again to launch your car into traffic. In second level try to destroy the city bus. Game Name: Roadkill Revenge

There are two play modes. 8-ball is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. The goal of each player is to pocket their set of balls (solid and stripes) band then the 8 ball. Straight pool is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. There are no set of balls, and each player can shoot at any ball on the table. The goal is to be first to pocket 8 balls.
Ghosts´n Goblins

Another 80´s classic game now as SWF game so you can enjoy it in the web. Rescue the princess kidnapped by your enemies. You must fight against zombies, mythological animals and other obstacles. Arrow keys, walk and climb, Shift, jump, Ctrl, fire.
Dots 2

Draw a line between two points. Try to close a shape to make a square. Avoid let new squares to your opponent. The player that creates more squares wins the game.
Massive War

Your mission in this war is to destroy all of your opponents bases. They are located at the edges of the battlefield area. If all of your bases are destroyed, you will lose. There are four forces types in addition to tower defense and special attacks, each army has five upgradeable attributes: life, damage, speed, reload and armor.
1 on 1 Soccer

Choose your team and colors. This game is two player soccer game as big head football game. You use arrow keys, your friend use A-D-W keys. Good luck against your competitor. Have fun!
Pucca Jumping Rope

Help Pucca and her friends to play jumping the rope. You will have to jump the rope certain number of times before moving on to the next level. Press Z, X, C, V for each jump when the rope is under your feet.
School Massacre

You are an excellent student having a nice school day. Suddenly another student take a gun and begin to shoot. You will face this situation and try to go out the building. Get the objects in your way. Use S to select them in the inventory and A to use them. Use arrows to move.
Gun Blood

Choose your character to duel with another gun man. Place mouse over the chamber until the counter reaches zero. Then shoot your opponent. After some duels you must prove your aim shooting bottles.

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