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Poker Pai Gow

your 2 games must be higher than bank ones. You get 7 card to divide between the two games.
Bubble Shooter

Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board, scoring as many points as possible. Match 2 or more bubbles of the same color with the color of the shooting ball. The more bubbles blow up at one shot, the more points you gain. If you fail to detonate bubbles, you get a foul, and when there are several fouls, a new line of bubbles appears at the top. There is no draw in this game, either you clean all the bubbles off or they move all the way down on you.

Defend the pass from the forces of darkness. Train defenders and place them along the road to stop enemy attacks. Click on the barrack. Choose the defender you want to train. You can train any 3 kind of units at every barrack. The kind of units are footman, archer and sorcerer. Game Name: Incursion
Kissing in Egypt

Click on the characters for kissing. Donīt be caught by people. Click on the people to get rid of them. When timer comes to the end you lose one life. Game Name: Kissing in Egypt
Train Traffic Control

Control and manage trains using the mouse. Ensure that the trains travel smoothly without crashing into each other with the help of the map given. Move the mouse to either edge of the screen to pan left or right. Place your mouse on the tracks on the screen or in the mini map for details of the next train on that particular track. Click on the signals to change from red to green or the other way around. Red will stop the train and green will start the train or let it continue along the track. Click on the traction controls to change the track for a particular train. Gameīs Name: Train Traffic Control
Train Mania

Collect the charge and take it to the end of circuit. Pick up the stars in your way. Use up arrow to go forward, down arrow to go backward, left and right arrows to balance left and right. Game Name: Train Mania
Snacks Match

Use your memory power to match the food items and earn score. You will lose a life if you match the wrong one. Finish every level before the time runs out. Complete all the levels to win the game. Use mouse to interact.
The Entrance

If you want to be scared with this game you will succeed. Walk the halls of this horrible building to find numerous ghosts and other horrors. Click on the arrow keys to move from place to place exploring the space. Game Name: The Entrance
The four elements

Make a match of 3 or more of the same color bubbles. On the bottom left of the screen you can see what your next color bubbble will be. You canīt destroy locked up bubbles by shooting bubbles at it. The only way to destroy this bubble is by making sure there are no more bubbles connected to it. Shoot at the bombs with any kind of bubble and it will destroy a part of playfield. Shoot at the snowman with any kind of bubble. It will disappear if you shoot twice. There are holes in the ice. If you shoot a bubble over it, it will fall into the ice hole. When a bubble is in the ice hole, you can shoot bubbles over it. You canīt destroy ice. Name: Bubble elements. The quest for the four elements
Sponge Bob Squarepants: Dutchman s Dash

Gary has been snailnapped. He is being captive in the flying Dutchman s lair. It is up to Spongebob and Patrick to rescue him. Use Arrows to move, jump and crouch and spacebar to attack. Collect bonuses to earn extra life and special attacks

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