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Figure Shaper

You have to help the green ball to reach the finish line. You must solve the puzzles by clicking on the balls. You will be provided with the options of shapes. Choose the apt shape to complete the task. You will have to apply your brain in this game. Use mouse only to play this game.
Catch The Cheese

You have to solve the puzzle to reach the delicious cheese. It is not going to be an easy task to collect all the cheese. This is the most interesting game where you have to apply your brain. Be a smart thinker and look out for ways to reach cheese. Inflate yourself to fly higher Use mouse skills to play this game.
Squirrel And The Golden Nut

You have to show mouse skills to help this squirrel. She wants to eat all the golden nuts as these nuts are its favorites. You have to be the friend of this animal. You must guide the squirrel so that it jumps in the proper manner to collect the nuts. Squirrel is really hungry! Use mouse skills to play this game.
Magic Carrot 3

You must use mouse clicks to destroy some items so that rabbit reaches the exit door. He has come to this factory in search of carrots. You must use the physics concepts to help him magically. He is waiting for you! Use mouse to play this game.

You have to launch a spy using a jet. He must perform some flips while flying in the air in order to earn some money. You must launch him at the maximum power so that he gets more time in the air. This is the great opportunity to help a friend. He can buy upgrade from the money. Use space to launch. Use arrow keys to rotate.
Stick Blender

You have to show defensing skills. You must protect the great bloody juicer from the attackers like stickman and animals. Draw bubbles and capture the enemies inside them. Drag the bubbles to the juicer and mash them all. You must use the money for buying upgrade. Use mouse to play this game.
Mario Spin World

Spin the world to help Mario back home safely! Here are full of dangerous traps, don\'t die! Good luck! Use Mouse to play.
RedWhite Slice Levelpack

You have to cut the pieces in such a way that one piece is left with only one red ball. You must read the instructions properly. Red and white balls will move very fast so it in not going to be an easy task. The smallest area left at the end will decide your smartness in this flash game. Use mouse only to play this game.
Betty\'s Eatery

You have to show food serving skills. You run an eatery with the name of Betty’s Eatery. You must dress up as a service girl in this game. You need to take care of all the orders placed by the customers. Serve them the snacks ordered by them on time. Management is the key to success.Use mouse only to play this game.
Hippo Chef

You have to help Hippo the great Chef. Some of his main ingredients are missing and you have to find ways to supply them to the Chef. He cannot prepare any food without his main ingredients. You have to solve this puzzle problem for him by clicking on certain items. Use mouse only to play this game.

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