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Melvins Run

Your objective is taking Melvin and his robot to the exit. Move Melvin with W,A,S,D to the place where to place the Melvin robot commands. Make click on \'run program\' once you finish.
Beta Force

Do you like scrolling shooters? If the answer is yes! Then this game is for you - nice artwork, cool game play. Use the mouse.
Destroy the Wall 3

A challenging wall smashing physics puzzler. Gets very hard very quickly... so be prepared. Use the Mouse.
Slime Laboratory

You need to show some action and reach the exit platform. This retro game is very interesting. You must adjust your size at times to move through the compact spaces. Collect the slime components to get bigger in this retro game. Remember the laws of physics. Use arrow keys to play this game.
Just Give Up 2

You have to help the stickman to escape from this dangerous place. Make sure that he reaches the exit door in every platform. It is not going to be an easy task as the enemies have set several traps for him. He must stay away from the spikes. His life depends upon you now! Use arrow keys to move.
An Apple a Day

You have to play the role of a patient. You must do everything to stay away from doctors and nurses. They are adamant to take you to the hospital. You must throw apples at them. Do not forget to collect apples from the trees. You must stay away from them. Use mouse to play this game. Use arrow keys to move.
Rail Of Death 4

In this flash game, you have to cheat death in the mine. You must use your cart to move on the rails. Collect the gold blocks and diamonds. You will have to kill the enemies in the mine. Jump over the platforms to continue your journey. Avoid any kind of obstacles. This is the time to increase your bank balance! Use right arrow key or D to move. Use left arrow key or A to apply brake. Use up arrow key or W to jump. Use mouse to aim and shoot.
The Power of Love

In this flash scrolling game, you have to show that love is more powerful than anything else in the world. Your beloved has been locked by the king in his castle and you must do something to release her. You must use your guitar to break the walls. Make sure that you collect gold to upgrade your striking tools quickly. Use mouse only to play this game.
Zombie Demolisher 2

In this game, you have to destroy all the zombies as they are creating a lot of problems for the innocent people. In this physics based game, the zombies will be standing on different platforms. You have to use weapons like bombs to kill them. These undead creatures are very dangerous! Use mouse to play this game.
Fruit Defense 4

You have to follow the rules of tower defense. You must use weapons against pests invading your farm. They will eat every food available at your farm. You must kill these monsters with your tools. You must upgrade them as well. This is a battle so defend your farm at any cost. You must survive in this game. Use mouse or number keys to select tools. Use mouse to attack pests.

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