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Accurate Boy
Momma´s Pizza
Coal Express 4

Clingy Ninja

Help the little Ninja collect in Clingy Ninja all the stars in each of the levels. Then you can then pass through the door to the next level. The game is played up with your mouse. If you need help, look at the solution video. Enjoy the Game Online wishes you Free Game Online.de! Cute little ninja help and have fun. Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Arkanoid Defender

Arkanoid Defender is based on the popular Arkanoid game. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse. There will be an infinite wave of UFOs coming towards you. Destroy them. Some power-ups will help you: 1. Steel Ball: The ball becomes more powerful and can penetrate UFOs. 2. Extra Ball: This adds an additional ball that behaves like a normal one. You can control both using the same paddle. 3. Big Paddle: This makes your paddle bigger, and thus, it is easier to control the ball(s). 4. Life: A heart-shaped bonus gives you an extra life. 5. Laser Beam: Allows you to remove the lowest row of bricks. To activate it, just click anywhere while the ball is moving. You can save your game progress in this unlimited game play. There are 4 files in which you can save 4 different game-plays. You need to control the bouncing ball using a paddle. The paddle can be moved by mouse. There will be an infinite wave of UFOs coming towards you. Destroy them.
Monster Truck Shadowlands 2

Show us your skill buy pressing the throttle pedal but in the same time you have to be very careful to every hazard that comes your way. Use arrow keys to drive and balance your selected or unlock monster truck. And enjoy this adrenaline pumping truck game online. This game will test your skills and your patience! So enjoy the race! Use arrow keys to balance your monster truck.
Fruitland 2

New sequel of the successful game Fruitland! The goal is to collect the hidden fruits and to get to the end before the time finishes. To do so you will have to remember where the fruits are when they disappear. Game characteristics: 40 levels, each with a unique and different challenge. Fun and challenging game, ideal for all types of public. Instructions: Use the mouse to move the Cart.

Get your lonely eye to the exit in this clever puzzle game. Use your MOUSE to find a way to the exit. Grab the key first! Don’t forget to use BOOST (HOLD space key)! [1..4] or [Q..E] to switch weapons.

Things are heating up here in the Arctic! The sun is out, global warming has had noticeable effect, and everything is starting to melt. Deep within the Arctic is a small colony of adorable penguins. They’re a bit simple, and a bit reckless, but are reigned over by their glorious king, King Penguin. He notices that something must be done, and must make the tough calls to ensure the colony’s survival.
Independent Miner

One little man decided to become a millionaire and to start his own business at his backyard. Сhoose the direction to move in. Use a radar to scan the area. Buy the upgrades and improve your professional skills! Buy new mines for more income!
Garden Collapse

Your aim is to destroy the flowers as soon as possible before the timer turns off. Same colored flowers explodes when the comes near to each other.You can drag the flowers to possible vacant locations. In higher levels, there are elevator and Laser beams to help You.
Eat the Smaller

Big fish eats the small one. Eat enemies then your smaller.
Dargons Lare

Move to the dragon\'s lare and find the dragon. Once you saw the dragon kill it using your body. Evade all the all fireballs of the dragon so that he will not regenerate.

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