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Oh Snow!
Goalkeeper Itali ...

Sushi Showdown 2

This Ninja is a chef. He wants to reach the Sushi safe house. There are many obstacles on his way. Enemies will try to kill him. You must help him in shooting. He must collect all the explosives as he can use them later in this arcade puzzle game. He must stay away from the spikes. Use left and right arrow keys to move. Use up arrow key to jump. Use down arrow key to smash/slide. Use Z key to shoot.
Robin Cat

Robin Cat has bought precious rings for friends. Help this hero to send these rings. You have to adjust the flash switches so that Robin Cat wins this 1 player game. It will be great fun solving this puzzle. Make sure that you gather all the stars as well. Robin Cat will be happy to see you! Use mouse only to play this game.
Building Demolisher 2

Help construction workers to completely demolish the buildings. Use different types of wrecking balls to smash structures as you try to obliterate everything in as less moves as you can to play through the 25 fun levels of the physics-based destruction puzzler Building Demolisher 2.Use Mouse to play this game.

Aliens have arrived in their flash UFOs and now they are trying to attack human beings. You must solve the puzzles and kill them with the help of weapons like earthquakes and floods. Make sure that all these strange creatures die. You need to win all the levels to save the Earth. Use mouse only to play this game.
Winner Pet

Pet sports competition is being organized this year. You can select your pet and ask him to participate in this event. Time management techniques will help to win the completion. Many animals are available to choose from in this simulation game. Use arrow keys to run and drive. Use spacebar to dive. Use mouse for selection.
Brave Astronaut

Somewhere in the galaxy your ship has crash landed to a planet called Horror. It is infested with monsters. You need to rescue and collect things in order for you to escape this dreaded planet!
Skeleton Gardens

Hack and slash your way through the Skeleton Gardens to fight off hordes of humans who are trying to destroy your trees. Collect seeds to plant more bones as you use your weapon to kill enemies mercilessly. Much fun!
Spacejacked (Endless Mode)

Can YOU, Space Technician ace Dave Paprovsky, defend your spaceship against a relentless horde of aliens? Spacejacked is an arena-based shooter with elements of tower defense. Build turrets and shoot enemies with your blaster to prevent them from attacking the cores in each arena.

Ligat is a game where player has to collect and push objects and evade obstacles to reach each level’s goal. Each level you have to collect 3 golds and find a way out.
Foodie Galactica

Foodie Galactica is a great skill game where you given a mission to save your home planet by collecting healthy foods for your people while trying to stay alive by trying to evade the space junk food and candy that is floating around the galaxy.

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