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Gracie\'s Fruteria

Welcome to Gracie\'s Fruteria, my dears! This is where only the best fruits can be found! Look at this crowd, it shows us that this place is the most famous fruit store in town. Because Gracie sells only the fresh and delicious fruits in her store! But she has one wish; having a bigger store! Come on, let\'s help her manage the store and make her wish come true!
Froggy Jump

This is Frog Jack, and his only passion is jumping! That\'s why all his friends call him \"Jumper Frog Jack\". Everyday, he wakes up and start jumping but before he jumps, he always studies math! He plays a game to jump around continually. It\'s about guessing the results of math questions! Let\'s join him and play this game with Froggy Jack? Then come closer and get ready to guess these results!
Sostén al ojo

Keep an eye for these group of funny aliens and let them do a great job while trying to guide the eyes falling from the sky to the secret sparkly spot! Don\'t you worry, these guys have x-ray vision! As long as you keep pressing the Z button in your keyboard you\'ll be just fine!
Music Match

You are invited to show your musical skills little maestro! But first you should practice. We are looking forward to hear your music. Let\'s start!

Our fun loving friend Boogie is ready to dance! He needs a friend as fun as himself to dance. Do you want to join Boogie? Let\'s see what moves you have! Let\'s shake the hips and dance together!
Virtual Drum

Become a real drum hero! Create whatever sound you want with these drums. Have fun!

It\'s raining fruits! Some of them are good; some of them are bad. Move the watermelon with the arrow keys and shoot the fruits to the right baskets! Don\'t forget that you have 3 lives! Good luck!
Toast in Space

This toast is floating in space! It must be on its way to the breakfast table! It would be nice if it could collect some breakfast items for breakfast. Can you control this crazy slice? Just use your arrow keys and collect the delicious items. However, stay away from orange juice! Too much of a good thing is bad!
Runner Turkey

Oh hey friends, I am Barney, the best runner turkey of all times! Well, a big and cruel fox is chasing me and I have no chance but to run away! However, I am really afraid of falling down and being a delicious food for that fox. Can you help me run faster not to get caught by him? Oh, by the way don\'t forget to make me jump over the dangerous obstacles!
Roof Top Rollers

These cats are crazy! They live on roof tops and play music at night! People aren\'t very happy about this, but who cares. These cats have talent but they just need a little boost from you! Click on them to make them play better!

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