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Cube it

The aim of the game is to move the green cube around the level by clicking on any cube next to it. certain cubes do different thing as shown below. The red cubes are the most important. after you have moved off a red cube it fall down. You must keep moving around the level until you have made all the red cubes fall down. You can use arow keys to look around.

A checker piece is allowed to jump over another piece into an unoccupied spot. The bridge piece that is jumped over will be eliminated and points will be earned. pieces can only jump horizontaly or vertically. The ultimate goal is to eliminate all other checker pieces, leaving only the piece in the center of the board. Name: Single Noble
Rings and Sticks

Try to get all the rings in each screen with the branches. For that you will have a limited number of branches in various forms (some are sticks and others are divided into two). You must order them to catch all the rings. You have a total of 16 levels that will be more difficult each time.
The Lost Inca

Help Mark and Jack to find the incaīs secrets. Press X to change Mark Ability. Press Z to switch Mark or Jason. Mark can throw the rope up or down for him and Jason can climb. Press up plus space to throw the ropes up. Press down plus space bar to throw the ropes down. Press C to pick up the ropes back. Mark can make a bridge, so him and Jason can go to another tile in the same level. Press space bar. Be careful with the traps.
Tactics 100

Create an army of 100 points and send the army into battle against other 100 point armies. Choose the army suited to your fighting style. Choose the army suited to your fighting style. This is a fair fight and the winner can only be determined by who has the most skill. The way you attack from high ground your enemies and many others. Use this to your advantage against your opponent. You can choose kinghts, rangers, mages and clerics.

The player with the highest double goes first. To place a domino just click on it. If a domino can possibly go on either end of the chain. You can make this choice by clicking on either the left or right hand side of the domino. If the left side of the domino is clicked it gets added to the left side of the chain. If the right side of the domino is clicked it gets added to the right side of the chain. If you cannot make a move all the pieces will turn red. Click on the deck to draw a new piece. If you and the computer have no possible moves left then the player with the smallest sum of pieces wins that round. The game will move onto the next round regardless of who has won. Once the time is up it will be game over. Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game.

You have to clear the map by stepping on every tile and then going back to the red one before time runs out. Darker tiles have to be stepped on more than once and you canīt go back on the starting red tile unless you have already cleared the map. Control your block with the arrow keys, press space or enter for menu. Think fast and donīt make mistakes to achieve the best score possible.
Polar Express

At each track crossing, there is a red/green switch. The train will follow the green path. When clicked, the switch will change the path direction. Pick up additional train cars and pick ups for points. You must watch out for obstacles on the tracks and avoid snaking the train into itself. Once all the cars have been picked up the tunnel opens to access the bonus mini game. If you finish a level quickly, you may be elegible for bonus points at the end of that level. Remember, the more you play the quicker you will become. Change your speed using the fast/slow throttle. Click on the speed and it will slow down or speed up your train. In the tunnel pick up sparkling jewels for points and lumps of coal for fuel.
Hunger Strike

Wipe out the hunger pangs before they make it from your belly to your brain. There are six different hunger pangs to battle. Buy and strategically position your KFC big daddy box meal weapons by clicking on the weapon icon that you want to purchase at the bottom right of the screen, and placing it where you want on the map. Youīve got five different weapons to choose from. Weapons can be upgraded or even sold if you donīt want them any more. You can also buy extra lives if you have enough credit. To upgrade a weapon, select it and press U, or click on the Upgrade button. To sell a weapon, select and press S, or click on the sell button. to buy an extra life, click on the +1 button.

Click onto the segments in order to produce a complete shape. The game ends when your time has exhausted. Once a shape is completed, both your score and your time-limit will level up. The more complex your shape is the higher the bonus you receive. There is an extra bonus for each 5 shapes. Donīt waste your time doing tiny 4 pieces circles.

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