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3 Slices 2
The forest templ ...
Crazy Over Goo
TNT Zombies

Battle gear 2

Use left and right keys to scroll the game or mouse. Click on a unit to train and attack the enemy. Choose the type of troops and click. Your objectives are to destroy the enemy base or enemy units. You can choose defense or attack mode for your troops.
Stick War 4

All the kingdoms are in war with each other for the control of the continent. You control a kingdom and you must try to conquer the others. Destroy the statues that symbolize the power of your enemies. You must build an army and generate incomings with mines work.
Chilly Challenge

Collect all the crystals while steering clear of the mean creatures. Use the arrows on your keyboard to move your character through each maze. If you walk on a tile containing a crystal, a bucket or a key you will pick it up automatically.
Paper War

Your job is to stop the enemy critter waves. These cute things move from the “enter gate”. On the left to exit to the exit gate, on the right via the drawn path.
Lock´n roll

Form combinations of same color and same number, same color and each number, each color and each number and others.

To move character push action buttons. Try to do something comfortable for Ecoego and something comfortable for nature. Thinking about these two well, experience various things. Time limit: 6 minutes.
3 lil´ pigs home defense

Click on a turret to select it and information will appear next to it. Once you have selected a turret move the cursor back to the map and build it. Protect your home from wolves attack.
Empire of the Galaldur

You have to manage the production of the resources, build the structures and train the army from to get them ready to fight. In the beginning you need to build a town hall and another buildings.
Greyhound Racing Tycoon

Keep your greyhound in top condition to let it reach its full potential during races. Do this maintaining its speed, endurance, health, and mood. You do this by doing such things as hiring trainers, making sure your dog has a healthy diet keeping it entertained. You can see your dogs current status by clicking the display in the top of the screen. This menu will also show you your expenses.
Fishdom – H2O

Click on the fish tab to see the selection of fish and click on the fish icon. The meter shows your total cash. You can earn more. Try to find items in the bottom of the Fishdom

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