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Demolition City

Place dynamite on concrete. Hit boom. Get building rubble below the height marker to win.
Valthirian Arc

Help the group of students to kill all the enemies in different quests. Move students with mouse to find enemies in the area.
Warzone Tower Defense

Survive as long as possible by building the most efficient line of defense. Build towers before enemies attack. With the money that you will earn you can build more defenses.
Age of War 2

This game is a mix between of strategy and defense game. You must destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You must build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemies. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful.
Perim Protector

To defend the city, you must build defensive towers along the path. To build a new tower, select one from the bottom and move your mouse the desird placement then click again to place it. If a red "X" appears over the tower, you cannot place it there. Once you are ready to face the UnderWorld attack, click “START”.

Pick up the mushrooms in the platforms. Follow the arrows to find them. Push the stones to get some places. Then, find the entrance to the next level. Use arrows to move.
Cursed Treasure. Dont touch my gems

Your goal is to keep your gems from being stolen. Enemies go from the entrance to the cave, take one gem and carry it back to the entrance. If you save at least one gem, the mission will be completed. There are 3 basic towers. You can build Den on the grass, Crypt on the snow and temple on the rock. You need gold to afford the towers.
Circles and Squares

To complete each level, put all blue shapes into the light blue area. Remove all the red shapes from the screen. Use the left mouse button to rotate the levels.
Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a strategy game that requires timely offense against the opposing stronghold while defending your own. Your chief is a key unit in this game and will usually tip the scales in the battle. Defend your stronghold. The statics to control are gold, experience, reputation, population. You can purchase units. Name: Clan War: The Green Goblin Forest
Diner City

You win when you earn 100% of the level money goal or earn more money than your opponent. You have limited count of days to reach the goal. You need money in order to keep business running. You must upgrade your restaurants, add employees, and keep high the seat count. You can build additional measures to slow down the coming. Dont forget to clean your restaurant customers and get an extra revenue.

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