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Jelly Go!
Transylmania 2
Bubble Spinner

Robot War Strategy

Press up and down to change the start position. Press left and right to change the robot type. Wait until the arrow change into green, it show the robot ready to release. Press space bar to release the robot. Destroy the enemy shield by release robot. Your released robot will move to enemy side and damaging the enemy shield with the robot power. You will win if the enemy shield equal zero and you will lose if your shield equal zero.
The Farm

Every day you have to manage your farm, plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken egg. Use mouse left click to do some action. Manage your farm field in one year to earn as much money as you can.
Feudalism 2

Choose your hero. Use WASD or arrows to move. Attack with space. Come closer to your enemy and shoot him with your bow. Switch weapons with Shift. Press Shift to take sword. You also can use skills instead of normal attack if you have mastered them. To switch to skill, click on its icon at the bottom of screen or press 1. You can order your men to attack the enemy position. Use your skills and shop armors, axes and swords.
Deluxe Diamonds

Click on at least two of the same jewels color to obtain points. The score increases in an exponential way according to the number of jewels. With 10 jewels you double your score during 20 seconds and increase the jocker. The jocker enables you to clean the screen completely.
Railway to Heaven

You need only your mouse to play this game. That is why this game is called point and click game. Your objective is to escape the cage before the train arrives. Use the objects from the cage and use them to get out.
Alexander: Dawn of an Empire

For centuries the Thracian tribes have pillaged our proud kingdom of Macedonia. But thanks to your late father, we at last have the strength to subjugate these barbarians once and for all. Now we will be ready to face the might of Persia itself. The long bar near the top of the screen shows your current morale. To win the battle you must either destroy all enemy. To win the battle you must destroy all enemy units or completely fill the morale bar. Click the army icons to deploy a couple of them.
Destroy all Cars

The objective of this game is to shoot down the structure of cars. You will have to choose a car from those available, then give a height to hit the ramp to jump and calculate the power. You will have to try to completely destroy the structure that was builded with vehicles. At higher levels the structure is stronger.

The aim of the game is to light both the torches and open that big portal. Try no to kill many people in the process. Small prods in the right direction. Sometimes you have to click on things more than once. Sometimes it is all about timing. Sometimes helpful icons are engraved in the walls.
Shoot the Fruits

You have to catch the fruits within the given time. You earn points for every fruit you catch. Avoid the fireballs as you will lose life. You can use the springboard which comes to jump higher. You have to achieve the target to go to the next level. Targets and time varies at each level. You have o complete all the level to win the game.
Bloons Tower Defence 3

Click on the stuff on the right to buy it. On easy mode, stuff is quite cheap and you have 100 lives. Select the different stuff: dart monkey, tack shooter, boomerang, spike-o-pult, cannon, ice ball, monkey beacon, super monkey, road spikes, monkey glue, pineapple, top secret.

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