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Color Theory

Use arrows to walk and jump. This game is based on additive color theory. An additive color model involves light emitted directly from an illuminant source. The primary colors in additive color theory are red, green and blue. The secondary colors are yellow, cyan and magenta.
Flakboy 2

Use your budget to buy weapons, and place them to do the most damage. Spend your budget decorating with weapons. The goal is to inflict a target level of damage. Click on a destruction artefact to buy it and place it in one of the green areas. Then place the ducky next to Flakboy to herd him where you want him.
Easy Joe

Joe wants to see the world. Help him to advance in the levels. Click on the bridge and click Joe to complete first level.
The Harry Stick Journey

Pick up the objects in the inventory and put them on the right spots as you like. You can scrool the screen to see the placement spots. Do not wait until the time expires. Press the Start button to see Harry Stick in action. Each obstacle has their own unique event, it depends on what item you put there. Experiment with the combinations, since sometimes there are more than a single solution for the scenes, there is a reward for your curiosity.
Pokemon Pursuit of Pairs

You have to eliminate all the cards from the board by finding the matching pair of images before the time runs out. Use the bomb card to eliminate a single card. Use the bulb card to reveal all the cards at once. Use mouse to interact.
Seaside Cafe

Set all the customers to the chairs and take order. Help Sunshine serve lunch to all of her customers. Deliver food and drinks for your customers, according to what they ordered. Collect the money and wipe clean the tables for the next customer.
Hex Empire

To play the game you have to choose your country by clicking on one of your capital cities on the map. To choose another map enter the map number into the window on the top of the screen and press change map pr random map. Then try to capture all the enemies capitals.
Lords of War

Decide which country you want to attack. Get your men to the other side of the map without letting the enemies men get to yours. Everytime one of your men gets to the other side, the territory bar will move slightly to the right, and when the enemy gets to your side, the bar will move left. You control the yellow arrow on the left, it indicates where you are to create your soldiers. You can move it up and down by pressing W and S (or Up and Down).

The Anthicrists are ready to fight against the hordes of archangels led by Jesus Christ passing throughout the different time and eras. Now envision a world after the world war three, a land of hate and hunger where the human race only makes echoes death eternal call. Your mission if you dare is to choose a faith and unleash a violent chaos against the enemy hordes. The violence has conquered the world and now is your opportunity to choose wisely your faith and start the world final battle. Your objective is to destroy the enemy tower.
Amuse Park

Build your theme park and amuse people. Clear eight goals of happy visitors to win the game. Use the arrow keys or A and D to scroll the park. Just click on the buttons at the bottom of the play window and choose a place to build the attractions. Keep your Theme Park clean buying a garbage cleaner. Keep your visitors happy building as many attractions as you can afford, do upgrades and buy the decorations. Place the attractions wisely.

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