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Kaboomz 4
Ultimate Chess
Snail Bob
Angel of The Bat ...

Samegame Hexagonized

You will have to destroy a group of hexagons by clicking on a hexagon to destroy all the same color in the area. You will also have a limited amount of special moves that you can destroy the columns, lines, an area with a bomb or a single hexagon.
Being One 3 Dark Matter

You escaped from the vat in a science lab and discovered they were experimenting on aliens. You then made your way upwards only to find another lab where they were experimenting with vampires. They are obviously doing some very strange research here and you need to find out what they have done to you. Continue to make your escape and discover more about what you are.
Fujitsu Defender

Your main task is to protect your base against enemies. In this game you can use what you learned in another defence games. Build towers to protect your base. Every tower has different stats. Use your skill point to upgrade your towers, stats and game. You will get 1 skill point after every wave. Use them wisely.
Anika s Oddyssey: Land of the Taniwha

One day, Anika was helping with the home tasks on her parents farm she have her little bunny toy near. Soon one eagle comes down from the sky and stole her toy taking it to the nest. Help Anika recover her little toy coming into the woods.

You are a strain of a new virus. Your job is to kill as many humans as you can in 200 days. You win points when you kill humans. You can use those points to evolve into a new strain. The airports spreads your virus to other countries. The water spread your virus inside a country much faster then normal. Press Go to start the simulation. Open the editor to upgrade your virus.
Rescue Bear

Click the wood. Let bear fell into the nest. Some wood will fall. Stone can not click and stationery. Brick cannot click but it will fall.

Try to eat all the fishes end find the exit without falling down. Use arrows to move the little cat in the screen.
Farm Roads

Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This will ensure that farming life is far more productive and efficient. Start the game at the flashing red signal. Rotate the roads by clicking on the little red blocks which will appear if you mouse over the corners of the roads. Navigate your way through the farming by clicking on the arrows on the left or right hand side of the game to go either east or west.
Grow Valley

Click panels in your selected order. Items click will grow with each turn. You will complete the game when panels level is max. They effect each other as the grow. So you have to think about the clicking order.

The aim of Colourshift is to light all the lights by completing the circuit in each level. Lights are lit by connecting them to the correct colour source. A source is marked with a square. Click on a tile to rotate it, and connect the unlit light to the source. Not all colours will always be readily at the start. Sometimes you will need to mix colours in order to get the correct colour.

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