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The goal of the game is to move the block from the green tiles to the red tiles on each level. Use arrow keys to move. Watch out for glass tiles. If the block lays lat on them you will have to start the level over. Green square buttons create extra green tiles that you can use to get the block to the end of the level. There are orange diamonds and yellow circles that can help you too.

Get the cow to the bottle and fill it with milk. Use left and right arrow keys or A and D to roll the cow. Haystacks can be removed by clicking on them. Logs can be knocked over to make ramps and bridges. Use travelators to help you move around. Hitting bombs or going off the screen will mean you have to start the level again.

Try to get the finish line in each level. Use ramps to build jumpers for the car. Avoid red bombs at all cost. Use boosters to accelerate if pass trough same direction or decelerate if pass through opposite direction.
Fire Baby, Ice Baby

Try to flee the baby fire jumping from box to box. Collect all the diamonds and fill all the boxes to pass to the next level. There is limited time to move before the baby fire melt you. Click on the boxes to move.
Cut & Shine

You will have to use the saw to cut the various elements that can be cut and get the sun to reach out and eat the fruits on each screen. Pay attention because if it falls or get stuck you have to start level again. Click Retry to restart the level.
Me and My Dinosaur

Use WAD to move the kid. Press L to restart the level or Escape to return to the main menu. Use the mouse to throw the bone to Rex, your pet dinosaur. Some switches can only be pressed by Rex the dinosaur. You can climb on Rex back to reach higher places.
Gem Craft. Chapter Zero: Gem of Eternity

To fight the monsters, you have to create gems and place them into towers and traps. Click on the Create gem spell button. Click on an inventory slot. Clicking on lower slots gives a lower grade but cheaper gem. Tower with gems can shoot at the monsters. Select one and drag to the screen. You can combine gems.
Scared Alien

Push alien to the portal with the box. You need to move the alien to the portal to advance to the next level. Destroy the bad tomatoes to get more score. Collect the crystals and get more score.
Prison Planet

You must keep the human slave population on Prison Planet from escaping. Human slaves are needed for a grand purpose, so killing them is not an option. However, feel free to use any amount of non lethal force you feel is necessary.

Click on the box to morph in it. The objective of this game is to locate one of the objects in the circle to complete its cycle. For that you must click on other objects that will be transformed into each other and move towards the target and landed on him.

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