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Click on the colored square, then click the direction you want it to move. Move the colored square into the shaded area. Game´s Name: Fragments
Diamond Penthouse Escape

You awake to find yourself stuck in this penthouse apartment. Can you find a way out and leave with all the diamonds?. Game´s Name: Diamond Penthouse Escape
Pirates Conflict

Welcome to the pirates age. Fight for the sea supremacy. Go to the tavern to hire crew and captains. Once hired go to the dock to assign your men. In the docks you can buy equipment for your ship. In the shipyard you can purchase new ships. Use WASD or arrows or click and draw to scroll. Press space to end your turn. Use 1, 2, 3 to focus on your one of your ships. Game´s Name: Pirates Conflict

Just click on one of the pods and it will change colors. But be carefull. The adjacent pods will also change colors. Try to find the right combination to get all of them to be grey and you will advance through the level. Game´s Name: Puzzbots
Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

In order to fend off enemies you will need to place tower combinations on the game grid. We have placed a few for you as an example. Click the place tower button in order to start placing towers. All towers start from the same initial tower and from there can be upgraded to further tower types. You can upgrade and sell the towers. Game´s Name: Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
Alt Shift

This is, like many others, a love history, with a jealous scientist who kidnapped your lover. Try to rescue your love. Find the exit in each level. Use arrows or AD to move, up or W to jump. Activate gates and bridges. Press arrows or AD to push blocks and space plus arrows or AD to pull. Press shift to change gravity and screen. Game´s Name: Alt Shift
Epic Fail

Try to get to the place where your love is, which unfortunately is in the other side of the labyrinth. So you will have a long journey. Use arrows to move. Avoid hazards such as landmines and the UFO that will abduct you because if the mines explode or the UFO abducts you, you will have to restart the maze. Game´s Name: Epic Fail
Dragon Chronicles

Your task is to Project the crystal from monsters by rigging defence units along the path. If a monster breaches your defence, it will steal a crystal. It´s game over if you run out of crystals. Each unit has different attack characteristics. Click a unit to select it and drag it to place. Game´s Name: Dragon Chronicles
Orange Alert

You must remove all orange shapes in order to win. You cannot click on shapes with sunglasses. However, you can click on blue shapes too. You must save all green shapes. You cannot click on them. Game´s Name: Orange Alert
Modern Tactics 4

You must infiltrate the terrorist area and rescue the hostage. Select the soldiers that have a blue tile under them, select an action from the action menu and then on the tile. You can only walk and do any other action once a turn. Choose actions wisely.

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