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Snail Bob Space
Gang Blast
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Half Life 2

Kill enemies with your weapon. You got 100 health and 45 bullet per one magazine. Aim, mouse, Fire, left mouse.
Zombie Invaders

Zombies have invaded the city. Some people scaped to the human area. But all zombies in the city attack the human area. Donīt let zombies enter the human area. Nombre: Zombie Defence
Call of Duty

Try to kill all the enemies when they appear. Be careful because you must reload your weapon and you need time to do it.You have a time limit to make your best performance. Use mouse to shoot and A and D to move.
American Operation: War on Iraq

The purpose of this game is to kill as many iraqis as possible you die. And try to do the same thing than US Army. Kill innocent people to get extra points. Watcho out for the terrorist, they hate America.
Damn Birds

You are a statue in the park. You stood here for years and watched birds pooping on you until one dayyour patience came to its end and you decided to tae revenge on these feathered demons. Aim your gun with your mouse and click to shoot. If your load ends, you must wait until your gun is reloaded before you can shoot again. The gun will not be reloaded if you ara out of ammo. Use 1 - 5 to selecta a gun, Tab to switch to the next available gun, R to reload the gun. Before each new level you can buy new weapons and ammo, increase your defense and clean yourself.
More Mindless Violence

Use your mouse to aim. Click the left mouse button to shoot. On many weapons, holding down the left mouse button will release a continual stream of rapid fire. The spacebar reloads the weapon. If you let the bugs get too close to you they will hurt you. Remember you can reload at anytime, so donīt be caught reloading while youīre under heavy attack. Also try not to waste bullets by firing unnecessarily short bursts of rapid fire saves using too many bullets.
Assassination Simulator

Your mission if you wish to accept it, is to protect your country at any cost. We have preppared an Assassination Simulator to help you become the best. You should try to shoot all targets as soon as they appear and donīt forget to refill using the space bar. Each time you miss you will lose a life. As you progress the targets will get faster.
The Strangers

You must protect a politic from strangers who want his death. Drag the mouse to move the target. Use W and S to zoom in and out. Use spacebar to reload your weapon. You only have 5 bullets by shooter. To see the map press Q. Move the shooters between the positions in the map using 1, 2, 3, 4. To see the position use those keys. You have 5 minutes.
Cigarette Killer

You work in a public place where smoking is banned and yet the vicious smokers seem not to understand it. With your water gun you must find and extinguish their cigarettes as soon as possible. Make sure your gun is not out of water and also found the hidden cigarettes.
Shoot the Simpsons

Try your aim skills shooting at some Simpsons characters, the family, The grandfather, The devil and Ned Flanders. If you have good aim you will get a high score when the time reach the limit.

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