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Leila and the Ma ...
Kaboomz 2
Stealth Hunter 2

The Bank Robbery

Stop the bank robbbery shooting all the robbers. Don´t let them shoot you. Reload your weapon when your have not more bullets.
Foxy Sniper Pirate Shootout

Foxy Sniper is an elite navy sniper for the United States of Amnesia. She and her unit of special foreces have been deployed to the Somali coastline to battle pirates that have attacked several ships.
Space Ranger Training

As part of your training, you´ll be facing virtual friends and foes. To complete your training, survive all 3 levels. You need to score at least 350 points in each level to advance to the next one. Be careful, if you hit a member of Star Command, you´ll lose points. Use your mouse to aim and click to fire. Be sure to watch your ammo supply and reload often.
Coconut Safari

Click mouse button to take a picture. Aim carefully, you only have 60 exposures in your camera. Safari mode consists of 6 levels. For each level you will be given a mission and a time limit. Finish all 6 levels to win the game.
The big foot project

Bigfoot´s not taking it anymore and is on the rampage. Help him whoop some hillbilly ass and abacus wielding auditors whilst avoiding hurting any of his forest buddies.
Barcdode bedlam

Use your mouse to aim the datascan handheld scanner at targets around the room and click to scan a barcode. Scan only the coloured barcode that matches the target barcode. The faster you scan the barcode, the more points you´ll earn. Points will lost if you hit a barcode of the wrong colour. You´ll need to earn a set amount of points to proceed to the next level.
Armada Tanks

Destroy all enemy tanks. Use left mouse button to shoot. Hold it to repatedly fire your weapon. The arrow keys or WASD keys can be used to control your tank´s movements.
Defcon: minus

You´ve survived the deadly war against the sun warriors. They had no idea you had survived. So you decided to take revenge, You fired your planets only remaining missile into the sun warriors home planet. You killed many. Their rage was so strong they decided to attack you with hundreds of missiles. Rebuild your population, kill off the missiles.
The tiger of Mysore

You control the gun placed on main turret. Use your mouse to aim and left click to fire. Added weapons fire automatically. Left click on the gold coins left behind by dead enemies to build your treasury. Buy weapons and repairs by clicking on the buy and repair menus.

Use your mouse to aim the launcher, click to launch madnetics cars. Send´em uo ramps to score mega points. Launch fewer cars and get bigger bonus at the end.

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