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Ninja 2

Living night

Destroy all zombies. Left click to aim. Wait aim on head and left click again to shoot.
Sift heads 5

You're given missions to assassinate people. Read your objective and snipe the stick figures. Your first target is the ghost gambler.
Zombie Erik

Stop the zombie invasion. Shoot all the living dead in your way. Some of them will use armors that will difficult your work. Take care of your energy. If you dont take care of it your energy will reduce.
New Year´s Night

Use your mouse to aim at the lanterns. Press left mouse button to fire. Try to light up more than one lantern with a fireball. This will give you a higher score. If you miss a red lantern you will lose energy bead. When all 5 energy beads are gone, the game ends. You must light 100 lanterns to win the game. Yellow lanterns will restore one energy bead or give bonus points.
Bunny Bounty

Hungry bunnies have invaded your farm. Prevent them from stealing your crops by knocking them down with your slingshot. Take aim using the mouse cursor and fire with left mouse button. You earn bounty points when bunnies get knocked out. Earn extra points by knocking out bunnies of the same color in succession. Reach the target bounty and keep your crops safe to move on to the next level.
Chill Out at the Mall

There´s a snowball fight in the mall and you gotta hit the 6teen crew with all you´ve got. Use your mouse to aim. Click to throw. Get through all five levels to beat the game. If you get hit three times, you will have to start over from the beginning. You will need to reload when your snowball stack runs out.
Stickman madness 3: Stronghold

Click to shoot the targets. Shoot the evil figures trying to kill you. Beware, the longer you live the stronger they are. To throw the grenade press G. You can upgrade your grenade when the day ends.
D Day Defense

Try to fight off the opposing forces for as long as possible. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Press A to reload. Press S to use engineer powerups (when the bar is filled up), click to select a location.
Zero Tolerance

Get ready for another day in the planet Defence Corps. Ther is no contact with the space station Europa 1. The crew has been overcome by hostile aliens. Use arrows to move, X to select, C to fire and V to change weapon.
Pokemon shoot 2

You must go to the land of Pokemon and kill every single one you see. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

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