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Retiring Day

Bunny Invasion II

Stop the new bunny invasion. Use 1 to 0 and - to change the weapon, or Q and E. Use Space or R to reload and A or S to throw grenades. Control the health and earn money to upgrade.
SAS: Zombie Assault

Use WASD or arrows to move your character. Press left mouse button to shoot current weapon, Q or Del to previous, E or End to next, R or Page Down to reload, F or Home to repair barricade, Space or Page Up to buy upgrades.
Destroy All Zombies

Fire at enemies using the mouse. Enemies will attack you when they are close. Some enemies have other abilities. Move yourself around using WASD keys. Reload your weapon using E key. Change to the next available weapon using the Q key.
Gun Blood

Choose your character to duel with another gun man. Place mouse over the chamber until the counter reaches zero. Then shoot your opponent. After some duels you must prove your aim shooting bottles.
Arena Rage

First drag your weapon icons from your inventory to the weapon slots marked 1 and 2. These slots are where you will equip whatever weapons you want to take into battle with you. Next drag the rage icon from your inventory to the slot marked rage. This slot holds the rage ability you choose to take into battle.
Rapid Fire

In Adventure mode journey through 25 waves of enemies with the aid of items you can purchase from the shop. In Survival mode survive as long as you can with unlimited burst fire rounds and bombs. Bosses drop air strikes. Shoot with your mouse or space bar and press 1-4 to change weapon.
Striking Arrows

You will be given 18 arrows at each level to shoot down the bugs. While aiming the bugs make sure that your arrow does not hit the obstacles, which come in form of wood and other such types.
Bunny Flags

Defend the flag. The handies Hill try to take the flan and carry it to their base. Build towers. Towers will help you by attacking enemies within their shooting range. If a tower kills an enemy, you will earn money. The bar indicates your health status. For every time you hit an enemy you will get rage. Use it to do extra damage for short period of time. Use arrows to move and mouse to shoot.
Cannibal Casserole

Use the mouse to aim and adjust shot power. Click to fire a rag doll, try to land your victim in the cooking pot. Avoid cannibals and thorn bushes. Collect the fruits and vegetables on the way and land in the pot in the minimum number of shots.
Green Archer 2

Aim and shoot the arrow trying to hit as many things as possible. All the things will give you different score. You get points by shooting apples, bags of money, beehives, Scarecrow and many other things. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Monitors wind direction and speed.

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