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Elemental Balanc ...
Mad Bombs 2

Potion Panic 2

Add components to recipe. Click + to add component to recipe. Click – to remove component. Click and hold to load a potion into the cannon. Release to launch it. You can also click while the potions is in midair to detonate it. Destroy the skeletons and other enemies. The wall between you and them is your only defense. Game´s Name: Potion Panic 2
Osama´s Revenge

Now that the Nobel prize of peace decide to kill people we can say that anything is possible. And among those things, Osama has become to the world of living people for revenge. Use WASD to move and jump and mouse to aim and shoot. Game´s Name: Osama´s Revenge
Paint the Town

The zombies are destroying the city again. It is your duty to stop them. Shoot all the zombies and avoid their attack. Collect ammunition, money and other useful things. Buy upgrades with the money you have. Use WASD or the arrow keys to move and mouse to aim and shoot. Game´s Name: Paint the Town
Cop Vs Stickman

Stickmen strike again. This time you must stop a robbery in a downtown building. Shoot at them using your mouse to aim. Reload your weapon pressing the space bar. Game´s Name: Cop Vs Stickman
Mutant World

The world of mutant was captured by the incredible army of aliens. A super creature control all the bests. You must destroy it. Use arrows to move. Hold space to fire. Collect units. Try to fly in circles to optimize your shoots. Game´s Name: Mutant World
Radio Zed

Kill all the zombies and avoid their attack. Control your energy and ammo. Use 1-9 to select weapons. WASD or arrows to move, jump and use doors, Q and D to toggle weapons, mouse to aim and fire. Game´s Name: Radio Zed
Endless War 4

Choose a campaign, the winter war between USSR and Finland, the invasion of Italy or future wars. Use WASD to move. Come to fire range. Aim with mouse. Click to shoot. Hit the enemies. Game´s Name: Endless War 4
Battle Gear. Missile Attack

Attack all enemies in the 10 epic waves. Click Play to start battle. After enemy appear, click any places on the battlefield area to launch missiles. Click any type of missiles. Game´s Name: Battle Gear. Missile Attack
Rabbit Sniper

Shoot all the enemies. You have a limited number of projectiles at each level. You should calculate the trajectory of the bullets and pass the obstacles. There are bombs and some objects that can fall over your enemies. You will have to keep you from be harmed by these objects. Game´s Name: Rabbit Sniper
Ninja Kot

Help Ninja Kot to eliminate all the zombies that are trying to attack her. Use WASD to move around the place and the mouse to aim and shoot your shuriken. Collect the bonus score, health and weapons that the zombies leave. Try to survive as long as possible. Game´s Name: Ninja Kot

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