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Dralienīs day
Handless Millona ...

Midnight Massacre

The creatures of the night come alive in Midnight Massacre. Shoot the targets to kill them. A deadly shot to the head will get you more points. Your aim is to save the hostages. Their lives are in your hands. Press spacebar to reload. Game Name: Midnight Massacre
21 Balloons

Pick up the balloons with the pod pressing at the right time while moving. Collect the balloons shooting at rope and not touch them because they will explode and you will lose points. Match balloon color with bear color for a better score. Collect star balloons to get extra score. Life balloons give one life. Game Name: 21 Balloons
City Siege 2. Resort Siege

The city has been taken over by a hostile army. Control the home guard to destroy the baddies and reclaim the streets. Click on a Unit to select it. Use arrows or WASD to control the unit. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. Collect stars to upgrade your troops. Loss of civilian life will give you cash penalties. VIPīs must be saved to complete the mission. Some objects explode. Game Name: City Siege 2. Resort Siege
Roly-Poly Cannon 4. Bloody Monsters Pack

Shoot the bombs from the cannon to destroy all the monsters in each level. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse further away from the cannon. Try to limit the amount of bombs you fire. If you get stuck just pres “reset” or R or Space. Game Name: Roly-Poly Cannon 4. Bloody Monsters Pack
Underground Invasion

Warcoder city, is being the victim of systematic attacks under the streets by strange creatures resulting of a toxic spills from a chemical industry, which went to the sewer. Itīs for this reason that the mayor made the decision to send his best soldier to stop these creatures and avoid them destroying the bars that separate the sewer from the surface. Use mouse to aim and shoot, R to reload. 1 to 5 to choose the weapon once purchased. In the shop you will find sets of supplies. Game Name: Underground Invasion
Mr. Vengeance: Act 1

Mr. Vengeance came home at the end of the day and found a mess, a v written on the wall and blood in the beds of their relatives. Now he has to go out and try to recover their family and avenge the attack. Walk buildings and subway stations looking for criminals. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Collect weapons, ammunition and boxes of things to heal your wounds. Game Name: Mr. Vengeance: Act 1
Square Divide

The objective of this game is to divide the square in all the fragments as possible shooting at them with the small green triangle. Use the mouse to move and shoot. Avoid the squares touch you or you will lose the game. Collect bonuses and items for different functions such as making the squares go slower or give you more firepower. Collect stars to give marks. Try to survive as long as possible. Game Name: Square Divide
Droid Assault

Avoid the Droid assault. Shoot the droids using the mouse. Use arrows or WASD to move. When you shoot the enemies they drop some scrap metal. It can be used to upgrade your robot in the shop. Press Q and E to switch weapons. Game Name: Droid Assault
Kids Vs Ice Cream

The object of the game is to splatter kids with ice cream before they can destroy your truck. Every time you splat a kid, you get some cash to spend on upgrades. To shoot ice cream, simply click the mouse. Press spacebar to activate coffee toffee doom cannon. X or C to use emergency repair kit. You must purchase it at the upgrade store. There are many add-ons, cannons, mountable turrets, and useful pieces. Game Name: Kids Vs Ice Cream
Unfortunate Accidents

In first level break the board by hitting it with a bullet. Your bullets canīt harm the persons. Make it look like an accident. Barrels explode only if hit by a bullet. Game Name: Unfortunated Accidents

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