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Recommended Games from this Category
Angry Birds
Romanius 2
Angel of The Bat ...
Oh Snow!

Ronaldo Vs Messi Fight

All soccer fan is waiting for the selection of the best footballers of 2013 Fifa Ballon d\'Or.
Stick Brawl

Kill waves of sticks, ride blobs and stay alive as long as you can!
Classic Kof

Lori family as the guardian of the gates of time and space, guarding the door of outsider time and space. Once the door is opened the real world will perish.
Street Fighter Creation 3

Third part of this great game of street fighting in which you can fight alone against a lot of enemies or with a partner.
Brawler Bear Arena

Fight your way to the top as a Gladiator Bear in this epic RPG-brawler.
Knight vs Giant

Prepare your tiny warrior for an epic battle with the Mighty Giant.
he Rock Vs John Cena Slapathon

We all love wrestling and it is time to take two all stars from the wrestling world and put them in the ring together: The Rock vs John Cena! You will have to choose sides so pick your victim and slap it with a ladder or a chair until you run out of moves. You will have to get as much speed as you can to get a great score! This is a real fun game where you can compare your score with your friends. Have a blast!
Battalion commander 2

Head into battle, rescuing allies and controlling them all simultaneously as you work to defeat the invading enemy.
Bloodbath Avenue

Bloodbath Avenue is an action game. Take on a zombie army by using every weapon at your disposal. Shoot, whack, and drive your way through many types of zombies, and save as many innocent people you can along the way. You also have some special abilities that will help you on your journey, so take advantage of those, and dont forget to upgrade your weapons, too!

The two ninjas came together in a battle. You are controlling one of them, and your task is to defeat your opponent before he will manage to kill you. Your enemies are always better armed and move faster than you, so you must be very careful.

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